Why make Friends?

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Ugh. As a teardrop of sweat rolls down my face I question myself what do I say to her? Should I even say anything? I’m nervous and I have nothing to say. My stomach grumbles and my face turns bright red. What can I talk about? I don’t even know her. Making friends can be challenging. Everyone is different. Based on personalities, some people are really easy to talk to whereas, others don’t even want to talk and they run away. But, friends are not just people who betray you or bully you. They are the people who most love you, care about you, stand up for you, and will always have your back when you are going through the darkest of times. This showed me that friends are my strength. It taught me that you don’t have to be afraid to make new friends. Stand out and talk loud. Be bold and shine out.
Now where was I? Oh right, I forgot to share my experience. Well here it is now. School was so boring at the moment. I watched the clock tick waiting for class to end. It felt like I was here for a century. When is it going to end? Then, I thought about how times passes swiftly when you are having a joyful time, but when you are dying of boredom, time passes as slow as a sloth. And this was not one of the moments where I was actually enjoying class. Then, a bright pink binder caught my eye. Wait a minute. I have one just like it. It must have been a coincidence. It’s like that girl, Rachel, and I have the same taste. Should I talk to her? That was the real question. Well I don’t really know her. But, who cares? What harm could it do to talk to her? “Hi! I have the same binder as you. Do you like organizing?” I squealed with excitement. I was hoping that I stumbled into a girl who had the same taste and interest as me.
“Oh! Hi. That’s really cool that we both have the same binder! What a coincidence. Also, yes! I love organizing!” Rachel enthusiastically whispered. Yes, I thought. Someone that I can relate to! We should have a lot to talk about.
“SHHHH! I’m trying to teach here. In a minute we are going to have a group discussion and I’m explaining the rules. Can you repeat what I just said?” the teacher exclaimed. Then, we were just sitting there looking at each other with a blank expression on both of our faces. For an abrupt two minutes there was an odd silence. Was the teacher mad? My heart started to pound as my face started to turn bright red. Were we in trouble? Oh no! I have never been in trouble. For the next 30 minutes, both of us sat quietly in our chairs while paying attention to the teacher. After class was finally over, we quickly ran out of class and by surprise, we started laughing so loud. Why were we even laughing? A half-an-hour ago, we were so scared. What if we got detention? But, that’s just silly. Are you curious to find out what happened? Well after those two abrupt minutes of silence, we pleaded that she shouldn’t punish us but, the teacher just went on and started chuckling. “Why would I punish you for talking during class? Sure it’s disrespectful but to get in detention, you would have to have worse behavior. Just please don’t talk while someone else is talking,” the teacher smiled. At the end of class, she just let us walk right out. So then, we realized we were being so frail during class and we were being silly to even have the thought of getting into detention for talking during class. We just smiled at each other and sat next together at lunch.

“I can’t believe we thought we would get into detention,” Rachel exclaimed.
“I know right,” I replied. The rest of the lunch we chatted more but, I think you’d be bored of that. Days passed and we got closer as friends and I was happy to say that she was my friend. Soon, I realized that you don’t have to be shy around people. You should just be brave and talk loud. Be a leader. I realized that she would always have my back because she always cared. Friends will never leave your side if you are on the same page as them!
Now you’re probably thinking why have friends though? Let me show you why. One bright, sunny morning… Ugh. Why does my locker always get jammed? I can’t believe I’m going to be late again. Also, why does it always get jammed right before second period? This is really annoying.
“Don’t worry Risha. I’m also going to be late. I know that if we get late one more time we are going to get lunch detention. But, we’ll figure out a way ok,” Rachel bravely whispered. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Rachel meets at my locker every day for second period. Anyways, let’s carry on with the story. As we headed out into the office once again, we asked if we could get our locker opened by the janitor because it was jammed. We waited patiently and the janitor finally arrived at my locker.
“What? You again? Why does your locker always get jammed? I am not opening your locker. You have to be responsible like the other kids. You have disturbed me one too many times. I repeat: I am not opening your locker. Got that? This will teach you and next time you should learn to not get your locker jammed,” the janitor hollered.
While I stood there with a blank expression on my face, Rachel speaks up and boldly says, “Hold on a second. Why do you always think that my friend here gets her locker jammed? You can look inside and there is nothing in the locker except a small backpack. It’s not her fault here. And out of this whole school, she is one of the most responsible people. The locker is having some mechanical issues and you shouldn’t scold her for that. That’s not fare and polite. So can you please open her locker?”
“Fine,” grouched the janitor. “This better not happen next time.” She opened the locker and she stomped her feet and left.
“Thank you so much for standing up for me. You are the best,” I squealed to Rachel with excitement.
“No problem at all,” Rachel responded.
“Well without you, I would just stand there with a blank expression on my face, helplessly. Plus, my locker wouldn’t be opened. Once again, thanks a lot,” I said back. From that day on, I learned the significance of friends. So why are friends important you ask? Friends not only care about you, but they will have your back and will stand up for you always. The importance of friends is not only to have your back, but to also be smiling and having fun.

Guest Post by a talented 12 year old Risha Ashwin.

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