4 Insurance Policies to Buy on this International Women's Day

She is as strong as a rock, as gentle as the wave of a sea and beautiful as the smile of a child. She is the epitome of power who has perfectly blended traditionality with modernity. She is the God's beautiful creation whom we fondly called, ‘Woman’.

Dear Women,

Just for one day, forget everything that is holding you back. Forget your over-possessive boyfriend or husband and unappreciative family. Forget the insensitive society and their norms that say you should not go out after 7 p.m. or indulge in late-night parties.

Forget your nagging aunt whose life’s aim is to see you in a bridal attire. Forget all those irritating relatives who are only interested in knowing when you will become a mother. It’s time to live for yourself and your dreams.

On this International Women’s Day (8th March), armed with the right set of insurance policies, set yourself free- to fly. These insurance policies will be your safety net in case you ‘fall’ (meet with an unfortunate incident).

Health Insurance: Whether she is a homemaker or a breadwinner, there is no doubt that a household can’t function without a woman. To keep the entire family in good health, it is necessary for her to be in good health. Here comes the role of a health insurance plan that assures best medical treatment for her without being worried over medical expenses. A standard Mediclaim policy covers comprehensive costs of hospitalisation, which may include:

Cost of ambulance
Investigation costs like medical tests, doctor’s fees, etc.
All costs incurred while in the hospital, including surgery charges, room charges, diagnostic tests, etc.
Costs which are incurred post hospitalisation for complete recovery, for instance, diagnostic tests, follow-up doctor visits, etc.

Day-care expenses on those medical procedures which require less than 24 hours of hospitalisation

Pre-existing ailments, provided you have declared them at the time of buying the policy

Expenses for Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) treatment

There are several women-specific critical illness insurance plans which cover ailments specific to females, like cervical cancer and breast cancer. A few health insurance plans cover maternity expenses along with newborn as well.

Term Insurance: A woman is the pillar of strength for her family. You can’t overlook her contribution towards the family’s happiness. Gone are those days when earning money was the responsibility of men only. And women were expected to look after household chores only. Now in the current scenario, both men and women are earning and thus, contributing towards the finances of a family.

The loss of one income will have a negative impact on the family’s financial balance. Taking this into consideration, make sure to buy a term insurance plan which will pay a fixed amount to your nominee after your death. Indeed, a term insurance plan can’t be your replacement, but it can indeed provide the much-needed financial support for your family in your absence.

Travel Insurance: What you eat, the kind of activities you enjoy and the way you spend your days are some of the thrills which travelling can give you. And, this sense of freedom becomes more valuable when you travel solo. Travelling solo will not only make you independent and confident, but it will also make you fall in love with yourself. On this Women’s Day, go out on your dream destination in the company of ‘Yourself’ and enjoy an enlightening experience.

It is entirely fine to be nervous on your solo journey, but your worries will vanish once you arrive at your destination. For safety, you can go for a travel insurance plan which will come to your rescue in case of mishap like loss of passport, loss of luggage, flight cancellation, personal accident, etc. It takes a lot of willpower and convincing power to travel solo and any mishap while travelling is enough to break your spirits. Also, if you inform your family about unfortunate incident, they might declare it your last solo holiday. However, if you have a travel insurance plan, no unfortunate incident can dampen your holiday spirits. Your one call to the insurer will find answers to all your queries.

Personal Accident Insurance: The unpredictability of life is the most certain thing about it. So, what would happen if you meet with an accident on your way to the office or a trip down the stairs and break your leg? Terrifying, isn’t it? What is scarier is watching your family struggling to deal with both physical and emotional losses that arise after an accident.

While you can rely on a term insurance plan to financially support your family in case of your death, a personal accident cover is there to give you financial support if you are alive but unable to work after the accident. The insurer covers those accidents as well, which occur within four walls of a house.

To All My ‘He’ Readers

Though she is a multitasker who juggles between home and office; she needs some support to fall back in case of a mishap. Your love and affection can give her emotional strength, and the right set of insurance policies can give her financial wings.

On this International Women’s Day, ditch the traditional gifting items like flowers, spa vouchers and jewellery, and present her something meaningful.

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