Happy Mother's Day !

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"I am ready, let's go!" 

"I want to go alone, please mom" 

"But it's Mother's Day" 

"I know, but if you come, from tomorrow everyone at school will start teasing me... " 
"Because you are too fat, to fit in a single chair" 
"You don't want to embarrass me, do you"
"Happy Mother's Day, bye mom"

This is my first attempt in writing 55 on Friday.
A story expressed in EXACT 55 words, nothing less nothing more!

It's short, takes just few seconds to read, but I cannot say easy to write as well, not yet :)

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  1. Aww.. we should never be embarrassed of our parents whatever be the case!

  2. When would children learn to not hurt their mothers? Sigh !!

  3. I liked this.This is after all a 55 word fiction

  4. Oh! That must have hurt! Children often hurt and are oblivious to parents' feelings and sentiments! [-(

  5. That's hurtful. I feel for the Mom. Well written

  6. i guess that was just from a teenager child view .. well written .

  7. Hey guys, Thanks for dropping ur comment ;(

    Sadly it's not FICTION ! It's the harsh reality.

  8. What an irony! Happy mother's day indeed :(

  9. Lesson to take home...whatever we become, it is because they make us...our parents should never be an embarrassment to us.

  10. Congrats Ananya on your maiden attempt of F-55. a very nice one. this is harsh reality .

  11. Well, it's the preteen mindset, for sure!

  12. what? i expected something more from u. Is not worthy of a post on your blog! come on, you can do better...

    1. hmm.. Thanks!
      Will try and improve on my next post...

  13. Sensitive post. I have a request: Ignore negative comments and people putting unhealthy comments should try to write a beautiful 55-er like you did. Keep the faith, Ananya:)

  14. Sad to know that this was reality and not fiction. But yes, kids need to be sensitised gradually. Good idea for a 55-er, Ananya.

  15. I wish such kids get the same sort of treatment when they are parents ....just to give them the taste of their own medicine and to let them know what it takes to be a Parent !
    Unveiling true colors of human insensitivity ....stingy yet true ! :\