Your Sunshine

indian extramarital affair, wife committs suicide,betrayal

Dear Mahesh ,
It's been more than a year since we tied the knot, the marriage was arranged but your love was not. 

I had told you about my past affair, said that it was over, made you a promise to start a new life.
You were so kind that you never brought it up again, But I met my ex-lover even when I was your wife.

Your flight is on time and you will be home in a while, I feel so guilty, my last request don't shed your tears on my lifeless body because AM not worthwhile.

Your Sunshine.     

Lillie McFerrin Writes
Word theme for the current week is SUNSHINE.

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  1. Poor Mahesh, let down in so many ways.
    A great story - i liked how you used the format of a letter.

    1. Thanks !
      Yes its a letter based on a true story, will post the entire story soon.

  2. great story :) but if based on true incident i wonder whose fault it was ?

    1. Yes it's a true story, hmmm i am still wondering whose fault it was?