Guest post by Prathamesh Deshmukh !

Trembling feet and bare thighs,

Rummaged in the dead of streets;

Until hearing a hustle in the dark,

Someone lurked in shadows; illicit.

Teen beauty and body; a culprit,

In luring the forbidden foes,

Nostrils dilate of the fornicators,

Growling at the aroma of rose.

Ominous strenching smell, quakes her apart;

Dumbfounded  the girl runs for evasion; calling His help,

A thunder strikes through the sky, thankfully,

Leaving the ruffians to yelp.

Way ahead she heaves a sigh of relief,

'Ah! I am saved in His Grace.'

Yonder in the meadows; conscious and catching breath,

Shivering they yell - "In the sky, I saw His face".

I, Prathamesh Deshmukh, am a 17 year old teenager aspiring for
IIT-JEE, the hardest exam in India. However, I am a part-time blogger
and a creative writer. My passion is writing; writing deeply by heart.

According to me, a poem is a song that lies in our heart. In our
hearts, there's a poem. On our lips, there's a song.
The poem I wrote above is an acrostics, a traditional type of poetry.

The first letter of each word of each line, when viewed vertically
reveals a deeper meaning, which has a great significance in today's
world. Trust in God Always.

At my blog,

***  P.S: I personally don't know Prathamesh, but  few days back he asked me if I could post his poetry here. I am glad I did, but I will admit I am not someone who can write poetry, can only appreciate it ! 
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  1. Thanks Ananya, for giving me a chance to write on your blog.
    And yes, I believe you will write a poem one day; a poem that they call a 'masterpiece' :)

    1. Prathamesh nicely written, great play of words, and a dollop of maturity with a tinge of hope and optimism, though a writer of dark poems, I loved your optimistic spirit, keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks a lot for the poetry , Prathamesh. Your words as so true, the TRUST IN GOD ALWAYS thing :) Thanks, Ananya for featuring him here.

  3. Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing, Ananya.

  4. Beautiful poem.
    The boy writes well.