Beauty Pageant Details !

Well as most of you know I am contesting for Mrs. INDIA Washington title, the beauty pageant's main event is  on May 11th in Belleuve, WA USA. There is an voting contest on Facebook where the Contestant with maximum number of likes will win the Mrs. POPULAR Washington title.

There are 4 rounds, First: Indian Bridal Round, all ladies in beautiful and colorful Lehangas. Well I always wanted to wear one, especially during my wedding but i had a difficult choice to make. Silk saree or Lehnga, I selected Silk saree then. So now when I wear a lehanga I feel almost like a bride ;) the fact remains I am already married.

Second: EVENING GOWN Round, I have waited many years to wear long, sleek-sexy gown, never had the right occasion. But now when there is a right occasion, I realize I now weigh 148lbs/68kgs so I got to be careful to what kind of a gown I choose. I have seen more than hundred gowns and tried on atleast  30 gowns of all colors, shapes and even sizes :)

Yes I have finally managed to choose the one I am wearing, I guess so !

No matter what, I really love walking the ramp in a gown because I can walk fast which I am very comfortable with. You should see me struggling to walk slowly in my lehanga, its the most difficult part for me and looks hilarious !

Third: TALENT Round : You all know I can't sing ! Dance ??
I do dance without choreography just like that, but never performed a choreographed dance except for one time in school among 52 other girls and I was safely standing in the last row. The problem was I have joined the competition at last minute so I didn't have the time to prepare for one, or maybe that is my excuse.
These days the only talent that gives me confidence is my writing skills in SULEKHA or on my BLOG. Yes reading all the comments and well wishes from my BLOGGER friends has given me immense strength. Its strange - unexpected but I am loving the LOVE showered on me by all my blog mates :)
Thank you very much !

So I guess in my talent round I am going to talk about MY BLOG and you !
Not sure yet how I am gonna put it together as an act, I am just 3 days away from the event.

Fourth : ELIMINATION Round : From all 12 beauties they gonna pick the 6 lucky ones who are more deserving.

Final Last round : QUESTION/ANSWER Round: Each contestant is given one question by the respected Judges and we manage to answer that with all our anxiety suppressed inside and a smile outside.

There are few titles like Mrs. CATWALK, Mrs. PHOTOGENIC. Mrs. TALENTED.
And then there is Mrs. INDIA SEATTLE  and phewww the Mrs. INDIA WASHINGTON.

So I need all you prayers, best wishes and support. Wish me Luck for this hell of a roller coaster ride :)

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