Mrs India Washington- photo shoot !

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It was purely by luck that a second round of auditions was held for last remaining spot and I happened to read about the contest. I was not sure of anything. I was more confused than a chameleon in a box full of skittles. This was not my first audition in anyway but its been a while I did something like this.

It was of course a dream to participate in a beauty pageant but little did I know that I would be participating after getting married and in a totally different country. The auditions went on as expected and yes I did get selected.

I am now a participant contesting for the title Mrs. India Washington. I joined in at a latter stage,  I don't say that joining this marathon in between made this journey so far any easy.

Last Sunday we had an official photoshoot, I was so nervous,  not that I havent done these kind of photoshoots before but its been few years and I felt it was all over the first time. Due to the increase of my medications and some other medical issues I  have put on 9kgs over last year, which made me feel conscious. But I kept telling myself Beauty comes in all sizes.

It was a day where you doubt your own appearance but then its all what you feel inside reflects outside in the picture. I knew eyes can never lie, and so I kept reminding myself of everything that I have achieved to boost up my confidence.

I read all the comments on my blog, where you guys have showered me with your love, support and compliments and cant tell you guys how it changed my fears into a courage. I gathered it all together and went up with my head high and chin up and smiled... CLICK CLICK CLICK !

Wish me luck ... THANK YOU !

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