Reader Appreciation Award !

Swathi who blogs at Flightless Bird Thoughtful Wings and Natasha from POINTS TO PONDER  have BOTH been kind enough to shower their Blog Love to me in the form of this Blog  Award nomination.

This is a chain of 4 awards, as seen below !

Continuing the tradition I need to tell some random facts about myself:

I am stubborn, thats not a bad thing because I never give up when I fail.

I might not be an conventional Hard working person, but I work Smartly !

I always feel there is so much to do, and so little time. That makes me so restless!

 I LOVE Awards, we all do love being appreciated for what we do right?

                                                                     My nominations are :


 I hope all of you accept my nomination, its just another way of telling you guys that

"You are Awesoooomeee "

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  1. Hi Ananya, thanks a ton for the award and its been a kind of you to nominate me. Though I am not accepting awards for some time, I will mention the award.
    I can't thank you enough for being warm to me and wish u all the best..keep rocking and conquering the world.

  2. Thank you so much Ananya.

  3. Thanks a lot ananya for this beautiful gesture. I except this with a huge smile on my face & extended arms. Love it :)

  4. that means a lot Ananya... Now I have a great responsibility towards my readers... I hope I make more people fall in love with Cinema.. :)

    thanks a ton

  5. Wow.. thanks for my first nomination Ananya... I am very happy for this.. please let me know how to proceed with this.. :)

  6. Better late than never, I have accepted the award. Thank you for the love! :)
    Here's the post: