Story Behind Vasundhara fashions !

In 1963, Laxmi Narayana Thatipalli started his apparel business with a small shop in Kothagudem, Khammam District ,Telangana. As most of the small towns in India even in Kothagudem women were not considered the breadwinners and never worked but Laxmi Narayana was the first man who  encouraged women to step out of their homes and support their family financially.  So there are thousands of Khammam residents who are grateful to the Thatipalli family who transformed their lives by engaging them with employment and providing that financial stability and dignity in the society. With this extra income the poor families could afford to educate their children.

By the time Laxmi Narayana's son Shankar Babu took over the reigns of the business, the business had grown beyond anyones imagination.

In the year 2000 they started The THATIPALLI trust, which supports destitute women and under privileged children. Initially they started donating 100 sarees  to women and 100 school uniforms to children and today they donate over 6,000 per year. 

They are proud to say that they own the biggest shopping complexes in Kothagudem. One is the Vasundhara Shopping Mall and other is Sumangali Creations, its a product of their hardwork and dedication. They have around 800 to 1000 customers step-ins daily with at least one sale per minute.

Shankar Babu's only child Radhika has been learning the art of business since her school days. After her marriage, Radhika moved to USA and with her invaluable experience in the business, love and passion to make a difference in the community and with strong support from her father she started one of a kind store in Redmonds, WA called VASUNDHARA FASHIONS in Oct 2013.

Today its been less than a year since the grand opening of her store Vasundhara Fashions and while I am listening to the rich family history from Radhika's father who is overwhelmed to see their store doing so well in USA , he stops in between looks at his daughter and Son in law Ganesh and says he is so happy to visit the store and really proud of them.

You can visit their website VASUNDHARA FASHION'S  and also their Facebook page to check out their latest collection.
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  1. Wow, that was a good job you did here of promoting the Vasundhara Fashion :) The store looks superb and I was intrigued by their story