JINGLES- NOT just a Music Band

  I didn't know what to expect when I reached Kirkland Performance center to attend JINGLE's annual concert. Sonia Keshwani and Amol were singing a romantic song 'Be Intehaan' when i entered the auditorium. Amol is affectionately called "Sonu Nigam" of Seattle, i could clearly feel why.  Spandana Battula just kept the excitement going on with her peppy song 'Jiya ree'. Not just the singers but the whole band was enjoying themselves while they played their instruments. Audience was energetic too with whistles, hoots and were really in the groove. 

So What is JINGLES?

Jingles is a new desi band comprising of renowned musicians and singers who are committed to do 
more for the community. Its formed by a team of like-minded and music enthusiasts in town to start something that’s unique, innovative and one of a kind. Jingles vision is to do more activities in addition to just live concerts.They embrace new talent and promote them. They provide platform for talented kids. They are performing in charity shows with their motive of contributing to the society. They also do audio/video recordings. Jingles has partnered with AID Seattle. AID Seattle will host our annual concerts, all funds raised during these shows will proceed towards AID projects.

Their passion for music can be seen in their performance and heard in their melodious voices. With songs like '"Tune Maari Entryaan re, dil mein baji ghantiyaan re ", i am sure audience could feel the bells ringing in their heart with every new performer who was coming on stage. I was surprised to know the performers were actually IT professionals, had they not put that information on the presentation slide which displayed at the background while they performed, none of us could have figured that out. 

 The steal of the show was TEEN TAAL, a music band of teens. Ayush, Sanika, Yug, Niranjanaa swept the audience with their melodious voices while Namratha on drums, Ashwathy on guitar, Chinmay & Siddarth on tabla, Sthiti & Arnav on keyboard. 

What a performance by Teen Taal, I wondered how at this young age they were able to sing such difficult songs with intense emotions and a deep voice. truly mesmerized by their performance, the crowd cheered endlessly for these young talent and kept asking for more. 

I loved the innocence in the way these kids responded when crowd asked to sing a song once more, they took the mic before the organizers could say anything or the crowd finished saying once more. There was a loud applause and cheers from the crowd.  These kids are real performers!

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  1. Wow. Wonderful pictures and a sweet post :)

  2. Feels nice to see the enthusiasm for young kids abroad have for Indian music. The pictures are beautiful too.

  3. Talented kids iniated for social cause, thats quite commendable.