Ananya's Interview !

Well I was busy attending events, conducting interviews, doing the never ending household chores,  sharing stories and sometimes  busy doing NOTHING, when I received an invite for an Interview..wait did I read it right.
yes, I did ! So this is my second interview.

My first interview was a short one with just 6 questions ...
You can read about it here at Blogger Interview #101. Yes mine was the 101th interview in the list and the first one starting from last ;) and I felt special because the interviewer decided to stop his extensive list with me ..I was the last one but hey it's not a race.

This second interview was different because I had to answer only 35 question's. I thought it was not that bigger deal. I do this often ASK Questions, write about people. But trust me its easier to be the Interviewer than the Interviewee. Asking questions is fun, answering them needs efforts especially for those tricky questions which leave you CLUELESS and those questions where you have got so much to say you just don't know where to start ? where to end?.

I took 14 days to finally send the answers and I was expecting to receive an reply email saying SORRY ! Offer expired or something like that. But fortunately My answers were published without any adieu.

I guess you might like reading it, So I am ambitiously sharing it here : Interview with Ananya Kiran from Ananya Tales.. 

DO read and let me know Which role suits me best.. INTERVIEWER or INTERVIEWEE ??

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  1. Trust me asking questions and getting answers is the most difficult job in the world.
    Anyways Its was fun to interact with you.Wishing you great success.Cheers !
    And your Interview is the 4th most read Interview on Blogger Interviews Right Now.

    1. Yes it is :)
      Thanks for the good news Rahul..I am waiting to climb higher ;)

  2. You are modest and this is commendable, I must say. Wish you success and many more such achievements Ananya.

  3. That's a super sweet pic! 101st Interview is special.
    You are great in both the roles :)
    Congrats Ananya!

  4. Good going Sunaina... Have fun ,... Keep writing :)

  5. must have been fun... only interesting people will be considered for interveiws which says a lot about you and your blog...goodday

  6. Great ! Appreciate for taking the path of the heart..! Wish load sof success in your journey !