Loud Neighbors !

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Its been a month since a new family moved down stairs. Whole day I don't hear any sound of their existence  but after 7pm the party starts, I haven't still seen them thats not uncommon in USA unlike India where everyone knows their neighbors..Gosh I miss that ! Anyways after 7pm everyday I hear them talk, laugh and cook together. They usually sit on the patio and talk and since I live exactly upstairs I can hear them clearly as if they are talking in my house itself. But I don't understand their language so don't have a slightest clue what's going on. But for sure they love to laugh in high pitch and sharp tone its hard to ignore, its not that loud laugh which irritates me but its this unique giggling tone. Each giggle lasts for a while. This goes on until 10pm and on weekends it goes beyond midnight. When the night is quite and you are trying to sleep someone is hurting your ears its impossible not to get angry.

I didn't want to be rude so I said nothing instead tried closing the window or playing some soft music. This Wednesday was different I was determined to go and tell them politely 'To keep it low'.

To my surprise there was pin drop silence, I thought they were outside and I peacefully continued  working. Around 11pm I heard a loud scream and then she started shouting. This went on for few minutes and then I heard the guy shout back. There were some other noises like slamming of the doors and slamming of furniture.

She said something to him and I could tell she was angry and frustrated she then came on the patio and burst out in tears. She sat there and cried..

I felt so hurt, a part of me just wanted to rush downstairs and knock their door and talk to her..
But could I??

We had never met each other and my unexpected reaction might just shock them.

So I just slept in bed hearing her sob softly, I had tears in my eyes. I felt so helpless.
After a while I fell asleep.

Next night, I was anxious I hoped and prayed everything was fine.

It was past 9pm I still didn't hear anything, a strange feeling creeped inside me. I really cannot explain about it. It was like a long long wait...

I was watching television, when I felt I heard something.. I was not sure of the sound but I hoped it was not screaming or shouting. I pressed the mute button and for few seconds there was absolute silence all I could hear was cars speeding on the near by road and then I heard her.

She was giggling initially and then he said something and she just burst out laughing again. When i heard her giggle, i smiled. I smiled as her laughter grew louder. For the first time it was not irritating me instead I was relived. Looking at me smile confused Mr. R asked me " What ? What happened why are you smiling?"

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  1. We form a bond with a lot of people we only observe and suddenly they seem familiar. A refreshing article. Most people in urban India don't know their neighbors anymore. I get nostalgic about my life as kid when all festivals were celebrated with the neighbors and on warm nights everyone slept on the terrace during summer, it was such fun.

  2. Sigh... But then it's not an India where everyone knows their neighbors anymore.But such pockets do exist in exception as well. Loved your post, even I'm smiling now. Life...

  3. So touching! "Why are you smiling" That line makes me smile in a unique pleasant way... Some smiles are not meant for explanation but feeling with heart.......

  4. There are people who are loud, who laugh loudly and then shout at each other, that's a common thing. We hear many of our neighbors but in the end they are as normal as others. Sometimes silent houses also reflect an inner conflict though it's more like a dormant volcano. ;) :)

    1. Ours is a silent house, like a dormant volcano. Very perceptive my friend.

  5. Knowing your neighbours is becoming a thing of the past in India also. Yes there are neighbours whom we don't know but still we feel we know them and even vice versa....liked your post 😊

  6. I am loud and my husband often scolds me.for that... may be I enjoy being loud.. laughing loudly , talking loudly is something I really like.. and even singing loudly... tomorrow for sure I will ask my neighbour if I am disturbing her...

  7. Good story, Iliked "that pressing mute button, one was trying to hear...., where as few days back that same sound was diminished by soft music"

  8. This happened to me too!! Loud neighbours, giggles, fights - I could hear it all and understand the language as well. I can understand each and every word of this post!

  9. Thanks all for your lovely comments, appreciate it !