Finding Fanny !

This was one of those movies for whose release dates I wait. The wonderful talented star cast had raised my expectations. The trailers promised me a movie which I was definitely going to enjoy.

I was so wrong !!

I do like slow non commercial Bollywood movies, movies which are just plain and realistic with no masala( spice) at all, But Finding Fanny was not one of those. Even though the plot seemed interesting the pace was like a snail thinking of crawling on the wall but never did act on its thought.
I like road trips and they are a lot of fun, but not here. There were few jokes where I did smile  but not hilarious. It simply bored me...

I was totally disappointed.. How about you?? Did you watch it or intend to??

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  1. Was going to watch it ... before I received same reviews from my friends

  2. Sometimes movies can disappoint though the plots and trailers sound great...


  3. I was planning to watch it this sat..but thanks to your review, I think I am not gonna like it!

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  4. Thanx for the review Ananya! I will skip it :)

  5. was about to, but am in two minds now . Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog followed u :)

  6. Hello dear, than you for a lovely comment on my blog!
    You have a great blog! I follow you on Google +, GFC, Facebook and Twitter, hope you follow me back too! <3

  7. Heard bad reviews. So dont plan to watch it.
    I am following you back :)

  8. Hey Ananya thanks! Anjali (my better half) was driving me nuts for the movie, and we were about to go to Find Fanny. Now no need to go for a junk. ;>

  9. I respectfully disagree! I loved it. The movie had a depth.
    For example, (spoiler alert) when the car break fails and survival was the concern for everyone, nobody notices the painter's absence in between. After couple of minutes, when they found out; they all agreed on one point that, he jumped off the car to save his own life and he was selfish. They had a perception that the painter was a bad person, a selfish prick; hence nobody even gave a thought about the misfortune happened to him.
    And that's how most of the people react and behave in real life too! We all have a perspective and perception about certain things in life that we don't even consider something which is completely opposite of our rigid beliefs! And there were couple of thought provoking things shown in the movie in a lighter vein!
    So, I would say a well made movie. My perspective! :)

  10. I'm definitely not gonna watch it after reading your review.

  11. Neither watched it nor intend to do so, especially after reading your blog I won't ever courage to do so. :)

  12. I'm always looking for new movies to watch. At first this one sounded promising but maybe not. I'll keep checking in to see what else you uncover in the world of film.

  13. Hey, I watched this movie and I found it pretty amazing. In fact, I loved it. It is not a typical drama movie where dramatic things happen. It is just a normal story which goes on like a normal life story. That's the unique and amazing thing about the movie
    The movie is clearly created for a different kind of audience and mostly only the target audience would like it, not all.
    Check - for my version of Finding Fanny review