Ganesh Chaturthi !

Nalini & Ajay : Wonderful Hosts !

Last year I missed celebrating Ganesh Festival but this year was different. I thank Ajay and  Nalini  for inviting all of us to their place to celebrate. During aarti we sang bhajans (devotional songs) in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu, truly representing Unity in Diversity :)

Neelu and Ajay read out the ganesh katha ( Story of birth of Lord Ganesh). We all sat around them and listened curiously like small children. After that everyone was busy talking with everyone some new friends exchanged names and formal details and old friends digged deeper.

Women discussed clothes, jewelry, recipes all along cracking jokes and giggling, occasionally  burst out laughing loudly in sync thats when men took a break from their work/sports/technology discussion and gave us a stare.

The food was delicious as usual thats because Nalini is a great cook, I wonder how she single handedly manages to cook for so many, she says she 'Loves it' now thats something a Lazy cook like me will never understand :)

Ganapathi Bappa Moriya !

Cheeesssseeeeee !

Everyone lost in their own world !
FYI: That's Neelu with her son Aviral who captured these moments perfectly !

The Rajvanshi's !

Don't disturb me am too busy enjoying the food ;) 
Nalini is getting her nails painted and Mr. R is just being himself !

Beautiful Nalini !

Ananya  & Kiran 

ALL Men !

AK Again ! 
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  1. Festivals make me miss my family more . I am fortunate to celebrate Ganesh Pooja with lovely people. They made me miss my family a little less. Loved cooking for all my friends who are my family now .May Lord Ganesha bless us with health ,wealth and lots of lovely people who bring strength and happiness in our lives .

    Jai Ganesha

  2. Ananya, You did have a nice celebration. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  3. Wow! It feels good to know Ganesha is celebrated in US with same passion & enthusiasm. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi, Ananya :)

  4. It's wonderful to see that Ganesh Chaturthi being celebrated in US and you guys are having a get-together just like India. :) :D

  5. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi ! Belated !

  6. I was just thinking about this where is Ananya during the Ganesh Puja? and here you are, feels good to see all this enthusiasm

  7. Looks like fun! Great celebration :)

  8. Wonderful captures...Bappa Moriya

  9. Wow.. All the ladies looking pretty esp. you Ananya :)

  10. Wonderful photos!! Glad you all had such a great time!

  11. Looks like a great family get together... Pic number 8 is well timed!

  12. Thanks all for your wonderful comments, appreciate your time !

  13. वाह . बहुत उम्दा,सुन्दर व् सार्थक प्रस्तुति