Thank you Readers !

Few days back, I and Mr. R were driving home after attending an event (the event was disappointing and totally didn't match up the expectations so I won't mention which one it was). We thought of stopping for dinner at an Indian restaurant. As we were entering the restaurant a lady walked up to me and said "Hi, How are you?"

Let me tell you I have pretty good memory so I never forget faces sometimes the names do slip. Anyway I tried hard to remember where we had met while I answered "Am doing good, Thank you. How about you?"

She said " I am good too. But hey why is that lady not ready to be a mother? Its a miracle and I feel all women should experience it......

She went on.. I was totally confused I had no clue what she was saying.It was when she said "I wanted to convey my message to her but was little scared to type it on the blog", thats when I realized she was talking about my blog post IS MOTHERHOOD A CHOICE ?

I felt so happy that a blog reader not only recognized me but spoke to me as a old friend would. We spoke for few more minutes and then I entered the restaurant. Throughout the dinner I was telling my husband what the lady told me and was thanking him after all he is the reason for the existence of my blog.

When we asked for the check, to our shock the waiter said "Your dinner has already been paid ". When we asked who did, he said "The lady who was talking to you a while ago." I was totally at loss of words while Mr. R convinced him for a long time and finally managed to pay for the dinner.

That kind gesture made me realize "BLOG LOVE", it might sound trivial but this incident will remain with me for a long time. I cannot express my happiness in words. Thanks Readers for making my simple blog so special, owe it big time to all of you!

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  1. I have made some wonderful friends through the blogosphere! It's indeed a blessing when people recognize you through your writings. Keep going, Ananya!

  2. I'm little bit confused Ananya. That lady paid your bill and left and you also after much persuation paid the same. Why this generosity on restaurant instead of that lady? I'm afraid to offer my opinion on this :)

  3. Nice to hear this Ananya, you are becoming a renowned name now in the field of blogging, though I too had the same question which Ravish had. What was the need to pay the restaurant twice? :)

  4. That is indeed a memorable touching incident. :)
    Good for you!

  5. Nice...

  6. Indeed a touching incident, one to be cherished and treasured. Thanks to blogging I've met wonderful people and every feedback just make your day. Thanks for sharing. All smiles reading this post :) (wondering how elated you must be )

  7. Nice Ananya, but why is that you paid again when the lady already paid the bill?!

  8. Hey friends , thanks for pointing it out..I was so excited while writing the post in hurry its my bad that I created this small confusion. Since the lady left before we ordered she didnt know how much its goin to be?? So obviously she was going to pay him later, maybe next day. The manager told us her office is in the same building and she visits them frequently. So I could pay for it, but I did leave her a little Thank u note for her kind gesture :)
    sorry for confusing u guys .. I am way to stingy to pay twice for the same food ;)

  9. Wow!! I know that feeling when someone knows you through your writing! :)

  10. you can follow me and i'll follow back! xoxo

  11. Wow that's so nice <3
    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog.
    I'm following you too. Keep in touch

  12. WOW!
    I believe, we can't thank our readers enough.

  13. Some little moment of life will never forget that is the only thing Will get better means of life.
    Good luck Annanya God will guide you always to achieve your dream.