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Oct 28th

9 pm : Ananya is eating dinner and watching The Big Bang Theory.

10pm: Still eating .. chewing the food slowly and her eyes are fixed on the television.

11pm: Ananya is checking her blog comments for the fifth time in 3 hours.

12am Midnight : Ananya calls her mother, who is in India and its noon there & they start talking..

2:37am: Ananya's cell phone battery is low, so she finally wraps up the call.

3:00am: In bed, listening to soft music which is supposed to put her off to sleep.

4:00am: Ananya's trying to read a book... trying really hard...

5:00am: Ananya starts typing this post...

I am a sound sleeper and always asleep around 11:30pm but today I just cannot. Mr. R  had to work the night shift tonight, he will return in the morning at 8 am (I mean 3 hours from now). I had always habituated to live alone all by myself, its my first time in this house but I don't think thats the reason for my sleepless ness.

I have been married to Mr. R for 17 long months, and today for the first time when we are not together I am surrounded by a strange feeling. Even though I knew about his work schedule for today I feel restless. I feel so incomplete.. my head feels heavy, my eyes are burning but still cannot sleep. I who loved being by myself, loved living alone once, is now not able to spend a night without him.
Every small sound I hear, I look at the door hoping that he is back...

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  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog, I love your blog, I appreciate it so much, kisses

  2. It reminds me of that beautiful song of Bollywood movie Zakhm "Raat Sari Bekarari Me Guzar Di Sau Dafe Darwaze Me Gayee........." :)

    Heartfelt Post.... Truly Loved it :)

  3. Awesome :) Thanks for the comment in my blog..I'm following you..:)

  4. Very nicely written post. Very touchy. I am glad that I am following your blog Ananya. You generate creativity from simplicity :)

  5. Only love has the capability to change us completely. Lovely read.. Quite literally :)

  6. Nice post!
    Thanks for your comment, your blog is great!
    I followed you on gfc and g+ ;)

  7. Awww...very sweet! Pray, put his pic beside you and you'll doze off. :)
    *Thanks for visiting my blog also. I'm following you via GFC now - Hope you follow back.*

  8. So sweet! Hope you can sleep the next night :p


  9. Nice post!

  10. Nice post

    New post in

  11. Awww.. This so-so happens... When people come into our lives, life without them becomes unimaginable!