Red Highlights -1

I was bored of my black hair and wanted to add some color to it. I like almost all colors but I have special inclination towards RED.
So I entered a Salon on Sep 10th determined to get bright red highlights. After 15 minutes of discussion we were settled with hair color and price. I was sitting on the chair and the rigorous process started.
I am not sure if the manager had not conveyed the proper message to her employee who actually worked on my hair. While I was on the chair I noticed the bowl in which the color was mixed and I couldn't tell that it wasn't the shade I was expecting.
So after 40 minutes I was asked to go to another room where she would wash my hair. My hair was not  bleached first, they had directly applied the color on it. I told the lady usually my hair takes longer to absorb the color should we wait for some more time. She said no its done, without even checking on the foil. I should have insisted her to check on the foils and its my bad that I didn't.
She quickly washed my hair and after blow dry, this is how I looked. I liked it but was not fully satisfied I wanted a brighter shade of red. I will not mention where I got my highlights, because I was neither happy with the service offered nor the outcome. 
But the worst was yet to come... 

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  1. Oh...that's terrible service! Oh well... I quite like how your hair turned out!
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

  2. sorry to hear you had such bad service.

  3. Oh that`s unpleasant, it has happened to me to before, my hair is dark and thick as well and it takes forever to absorb the color and it`s always dark :/
    So I know that disappointment well.
    I hope you hair will turn up as you wanted it :)

  4. Hello! wow this is terrible.
    *new follower in the blog

  5. I love red color on the hair ^_^

  6. thx dear :)

  7. Thats awful....U can always disclose the name, so that people are warned of the poor service.