Reality Check on LOVE: 1

Guest Post By Shahid Shaikhali, a real love story with fictional names. He is an IT professional by day and an Writer by passion. I think he is really good at both :)
P.S: ONLY the names are fictional. 

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“Shit !! Its 7PM, Damn this Bangalore traffic, I’m already late. I hope I reach on time”. said Sameer to himself as he began to pack his bag. He had to board a bus to Hyderabad as he was visiting his native for his cousin’s marriage. He picked everything he could, wore his shoes, and ran towards the main road  hoping to convince the auto driver to fare him for the bus stop. It took 15 minutes and finally he managed to convince an auto driver. And luckily, he reached just as the bus was just about to leave.  Seat number 7 it was on. He quickly got onto the bus and occupied his seat. Luckily, there wasn’t anyone beside him. He settled his luggage and opened the window to get some fresh air, plugged in and closed his eyes for a while. Sameer (25), Software Engineer by profession, worked for Infosys. 

Excuse me, could you please close the window, Its already cold in here, hurled a female voice from behind. 
2 Minutes please, said Sameer and he began to shuffle his songs, 

After 5 minutes, she poked him again to close the window, this time, he looked back and found that it was Sarah. He was surprised and so was Sarah. 

Hey, Sarah !! said Sameer. 
Sarah : Hey Sameer, What a surprise, how you been ? Long time !! 
Sameer : Yes. Its been more than a year I guess. What are you doing here ? I thought you were in Hyderabad. 
Sarah : No, I’ve been in Bangalore for a year now. 
Sameer ; What ? Seriously ? How is that i’m not aware of it ?
Sarah : That’s because you are not in contact . 

Sameer and Sarah were class mates  during their college days. Sameer couldn’t help but blush looking at Sarah. She had worn a purple hood, black jeans and a white top. Man !! She looked amazing. 5.5’, the white skin and half open silky hair matched perfectly with the purple hood. 

Hey why don’t you sit beside, we’ll talk for a while and than you can shift back to your seat again, said Sameer. 
Sure why not, said Sarah and she sat beside Sameer. 

Sameer and Sarah began to talk. When you got a female beside, you just don’t want to stop talking. You wish the journey continues for till you reach the moon. Sameer wished the same. And how often do you find an old friend on your journey back to home, rarely. But finding a female friend beside, is more of a luck and you gotta be damn lucky to get one

Sarah had been his crush back in college but he was always scared to tell her. Over the span of 2 years, Sameer had been busy with his job, He almost forgot how would it feel like to have a crush on someone. Power point presentations and client escalations always kept him busy but having met an old crush in a bus journey back home, he was blessed. And the way she had carried herself, as he kept looking at her while she narrated her story, It was inception of butterflies in his stomach . 

Sarah worked for TCS and had been in Bangalore since a year. They found that they both reside in the same area in Bangalore. For Sameer, it was a recap of his Engineering days where he would secretly admire Sarah. Sarah on the other hand, did not consider him more than a friend. One of the most common circumstance that many guys come across. The Bus headed to hyderabad and none of them got up from their seats until the bus stopped for dinner at 11 PM at a dhaba. 

At the dhaba, they shared their old memories while having food. Sarah payed all her attention when sameer spoke but sameer on the other hand, had his attention on Sarah instead of her talks. Once, they were done with the dinner, they boarded the bus again and with great difficulty, Sameer convinced Sarah to sit beside him for the entire journey . They spoke for a while after which sarah slept off. But Sameer did not. He couldn’t believe that Sarah was actually beside him. He kept blushing out of the happiness of meeting Sarah. Though he pretended to sleep, but he couldn’t help notice Sarah. There she was, A perfect visual treat . Head beneath her palms, eyes closed, in anticipation of a dream. Her silky hair tied up except for a few that appeared before her face. Her crystal clear cheeks, could drive anyone crazy. The dress she wore, complemented her, just like a sea followed by a shore. Her ear rings, perfectly matching the tone of her fair skin.  He kept looking at her until he fell asleep. The bus arrived in hyderabad at 7 AM in the morning. They exchanged numbers and departed . 

At his cousin’s marriage, Sameer couldn’t help but think of Sarah. She was on his mind 24*7. More over, at the marriage he imagined his own marriage. Getting married to Sarah was the best dream he could dream of and it gave him the best feeling than any other dream could ever give. He couldn’t wait to meet Sarah in Bangalore as she promised to meet him once he gets back to Bangalore. The first thing that he did after reaching Bangalore was he texted her, “I’m back in town”. They agreed to meet over the weekend. Though it was a normal week but it was the longest week for Sameer. They agreed to meet up at 5PM in the evening at a nearby restaurant. Sameer Was on time but Sarah wasn’t. She kept him waiting until 6.30 and than she finally showed up. To Sameer’s surprise, she wore a Saree. She looked amazing in a pink saree as she walked towards Sameer. Hair wide open, a gust of wind blowing them on her face. One hand was busy keeping the folds of the cloth and another hand trying to adjust her hair. The ornaments she wore were outshined by the smile on her face after seeing Sameer. She looked amazing. Good enough to make Sameer’s heart skip a beat. 

“I’m really sorry, I am late”. Said Sarah. Sameer wasn’t listening. He couldn’t take his eyes off her until she shook him to regain his sight. 
“You look vowww”. Said Sameer. 
“Thank a lot” said Sarah as she blushed. 
“You could have told me you’re gonna wear a saree, I could have worn a blazer too. Now I look stupid in this white Tshirt and black jeans”. Said Sameer. 
“I’ve come from a friend’s wedding and btw, you look stupid anyway. Be it a blazer or this white T-shirt”. Said Sarah.
“I thought you liked stupid people”. Said Sameer. 
“Really ? When did I say that”. Said Sarah. 
“People of a certain type like people of the same type”. Said Sameer. 
“Very Funny”. Said Sarah. Which meant that It was a PJ.

They spent the entire evening together. Talking, laughing, commenting on people walking by and after dinner, they walked their way towards Sarah’s PG. For Sameer, it was a wonderful feeling to walk beside Sarah, late night . He escorted Sarah to her PG(Paying guest house) and left for home. As days passed by, they kept meeting on a regular basis. Long phone calls and late night chats followed up for months and they were one step away from forming a relationship. But who would blink first ? Was the question. Sameer was scared of loosing Sarah so he never had the courage to confess her that he loved her and Sarah on the other hand, wanted Sameer to initiate. One night, amidst their chats, Sarah texted Sameer. 

Sarah : “Aren’t you gonna propose me” ?
Sameer: “ I’m scared to do that”. 
Sarah : “ Why ? Am I gonna do something to you if you propose”.
Sameer: “ What if you deny, I’m scared of that”. 
Sarah : “ Don’t be scared, do what your heat says” 
Sameer : “Ya. So I think I should wait”. 
Sarah : “ You are such a dumb ass “ 
Sameer : “ What happened” . 
Sarah : “ Nothing, go to sleep”. 

The next day, Sameer proposed to Sarah. Sarah penalized Sameer by letting him wait for the answer for a couple of days but later accepted the proposal and their story began . . 

The Initial days of love is the most beautiful phase of relationship. Suddenly, Dear changes to darling and hey changes to honey. When your phone rings, you expect him/her to be the one calling you. You decide names for each other. And you also decide the names of your future kids. Ah !! You can't wait to get married, isn't it ? Well, that's reality. You start planning your future with your partner. That’s what Sameer and Sarah began to do . Each day, Sameer and Sarah use to meet up at a common point and than walk towards home together holding each other’s hand. Sameer shifted to a place nearby Sarah’s PG. Sarah frequently visited Sameer’s place. They cooked every weekend and sat for hours together on the terrace of the building looking at the stars and building their own dreams.Dining together was a part of their regular routine and no matter how busy they were at work, they always had time to be spent with each other. They travelled to native together but while in native, they hardly met. Since Sarah was always scared that someone might spot them together and complain her mother. Late night drives and road trips were usual weekend routine. And while on the streets, they never walked without holding each other’s hand.  Sameer loved to fall sick as Sarah would pop into his place to take care of him. They were very much in love. With every passing day, their love grew beyond the boundaries . 

Everything was going great for the couple, until Sarah’s mom called her up go to give her a breaking news. Sarah couldn’t believe what she just heard and began to argue with her mother over it. Sarah’s dad had given his word to her uncle to get Sarah married to her first cousin and breaking his word was impossible for her dad. She tried to tell her mother about Sameer, but her mother got into sentimental rage and started with “ How will I show my face to your dad “ and “Is this why I brought you up so that one day you will ditch me like this” .  Sarah and her mother fought over the phone for days together. Sarah was adamant about Sameer and so was her mother about Sahil(Sarah’s cousin). Sarah’s mother called her up every day to discuss this and every day either Sarah or her mother would hung up on each other after breaking down into tears. It continued for a week until Sarah was summoned to Hyderabad as her dad suffered a stroke and was hospitalized after hearing about Sameer. Sarah rushed to Hyderabad . When she arrived at the hospital, she felt like a stranger among her own family members. When she entered the room, she saw her dad resting on the bed. Her mother trying to feed him. His father turned his face away as soon as he saw Sarah. Her mother pulled her hand and dragged her out of the room. 

- To be continued 
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