The Beast in me !

First year of marriage, marriage and fights, real story of Indian married couple, how to have a happy marriage

GUEST POST By Mr.R about our First Year of Marriage.

Once upon a time there was a prince who wanted to marry a princess...
Everyone must have read, heard fairy tales during their childhood. Its always fascinating to listen to these stories which takes us into magical lands filled with possibilities. Over time some of us come to an understanding that fairytales arent true after all. Almost every one grows out of these fascinations or come to terms with reality but there is always a kid inside us and some of us keep that fascination for fairytale alive.

I may not be wrong in saying that every girl dreams of marrying a prince. This story is about a girl who wanted to marry a prince and she did. She was overwhelmed with the feeling that her dream came true and it was no less than a 'happily ever after' fairy tale. Over time, she felt that prince doesnt love her enough. There were constant fights over who is right and whose mistake it was. He was stub born in his way of thinking and very sensitive and emotional but loved her truely wholeheartedly and there was no question about his love for her. He always thought that she was the best thing that could have ever happened to him, loved her as his own body, mind  and never felt she was any different. He had this unconditional pure love for her without any thought for what he might get in return.

Her look, her smile, a sigh, a word, her laugh, her touch, a kiss and a hug, its these simple things that meant the world to him. He felt that Holding hands, smiling at one another, laughing at each other’s jokes, listening to each other’s stories, looking into one another’s eyes, wrapping in each other’s arms was enough to make her feel loved. Sadly for him, it wasn’t the case.

Even with his stubbornness, he found a way to make changes in his way of thinking to accommodate her feelings and her thoughts to make sure that it doesn’t hurt her. He always put her feelings and thoughts on priority, there was nothing important for him than her happiness.

He feared that these conflicts, fights and indifference in feelings would create unnecessary bitterness between the two, started confronting the situation by justifying his stand, explaining his thoughts but little did he know doing that, it would have ill effects on the entire situation.

Even after confronting her and fighting with her, He felt really bad about himself he felt he was turning into a beast. He always thought that he was the one who had his head on his shoulders, sensitive, loving, caring but he started to realize that there was a beast inside him which is making him do things which are hurtful to her. Will he be able to control the beast within him? Can love give prince the strength and courage to overcome this big obstacle?  This is what forms the remaining part of the story.

Over next few months, the beast within prince grew to a level that he felt there is no true love in this world. The anger, rage, screaming started leaving scars on their love that every situation and conversation was turning into a fight. It didnt matter if the conflict was trivial or non-trivial. How else can one explain breaking things, smashing walls, constant slamming the doors, yelling and screaming. After the fight when the beast calms down and he comes back to senses and feels being him, he would realize the things he would have done during the fight. After a while, this rage made him very furious and wanted to find what triggers this beast within him. His love for her took over the beast so strongly that he soon realized the mistakes he was making. He realized that arguing and trying to decide who is right when one of us is angry over something is not a right thing. Even though he was not wrong in any of the arguments, he should have let her vent out. He also learnt that she doesn’t mean what she says when she is angry. Simple fact but hard to accept in intense situations. He learnt that art quite quickly and it was easier to suppress that beast within him in no time.

He explained her how wrong he was and told her that Love isn’t about finding that perfection in anyone, its finding fun in the imperfect situations and we both are right ON. Love is never giving up on the person you care about. We do that so naturally. We never give up on each other.

Prince and princess found peace with reality!

Both of them truly realized that when two souls, which have sought each other for eternity, have finally found each other... a magical, pure and eternal as they themselves are... begins on earth and continues forever in heaven... and they lived happily ever after!

First year of marriage, marriage and fights, real story of Indian married couple, how to have a happy marriage

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  1. great!!!

  2. Aww...this is such a great story. I love the structure and great they found themselves again.
    Great post!!

  3. Loved it especially “He learnt that she doesn’t mean what she says when she is angry.”

  4. Ananya... I think it is exactly what we do, we seem to have each other on pedestals and we are wearing rose colored glasses... which always have to come off and we have to step down off the pedestal and remember we live our lives in reality, not a fairytale... that is when true love love takes over xox

  5. this pic is looking so classic!!

  6. Hi Ananya,

    This post is more important especially when people live in a society where all most all realationships fails after a certain number of years living together. Mr. R made it an interesting read by connecting with the fairly tale concept. Respect, compromise and apologize together with supportive nature are the keys behind any successful relationship. Keep the good work Mr. R

    Thank you and regards to Ananaya and Mr. R

  7. Aw! Everyone fights, but finding peace later si essential and not giving up on each other :)
    Nice picture too, Ananya!

  8. Intense, full of love... and true... good one Ananya... :)

  9. A Nice Story....Yes! Love forever is adjusting, caring for the other and ever wishing the best for the other.... And that Love alone ultimately brings in the True Peace in life!

  10. Nice write up Ananya,
    No Love No Life...within a second the Heaven turned to be Hell
    people who know the value of Love will enjoy their life fully in any situation...

    pretty it:-)

  11. Very Inspiring.....every individual who succumbs to anger....not realising about the consequences should read this. Great writeup Ananya!

  12. I could relate everything with my life. Guess every marriages go through the same patch. Really liked you post Ananya :)

  13. Nice and thoughtful
    Love is indeed beyond perfections or imperfections.
    Love is an awesome feeling.

  14. Bravo!! Seems from the heart.

  15. No beast, quite an honest guy who is coming across.

  16. Lovely! May the fairytale continue forever :)
    Super pic!

  17. A very heartfelt read. :)
    And the adjoining pic is so apt.

  18. :)
    Sweet post.
    Happy Anniversary to you guys.

  19. Amazing it truly reflects the stages in everyone's relationship and how at a point they realise the true meaning of love :)

  20. Very well written post, and quite relatable and believable too!