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Any guesses Where is Mr. R in this pic????

What do we remember when we look back 5 or 10 years of our lives, what do we really remember of our school and college days?

When I think about my college days now, I remember our graduation professor who transformed my life and instilled much needed discipline into my college life. 

I am forever truly grateful for being trained by whom I consider the most influential, talented, strict professor during my college. It’s only now I realize how important her teachings were. She always pushed us to think out-of-the-box. Not understanding what it truly meant but now after graduating and having worked for a Fortune 500 company for 3 long years, It all makes sense now. 

Teachers and professors work selflessly. There is no selfish motive in their being. I think, not everyone can be a teacher, one should have that ability to inspire, motivate and push students to go that extra mile. She had that. She made sure every student in the class knows what was going on. It’s very easy to just teach by books, to teach by heart is something different. 

During my graduation, particularly at the start I was very naive and really wasn’t sure why I chose Computers as my major and why I had to learn Programming language. Nothing made sense to me and forget knowing what I was gonna do after graduation. It was too far away to be planned anyway.
I still remember the first week of my graduation, she came to teach us Pascal Programming language. I was at total loss, didn’t understand a thing about what it was. Days passed, weeks went by and internal tests, impromptu seminars and presentations started taking a big toll on me. I couldn’t keep up with the pressure, I could have easily passed the tests and exam if I had to but it was these impromptu presentations and seminars which made me think if I could really complete my graduation.

She knew that I was finding it difficult to understand and keep pace with the curriculum, she waited for me to ask. I hesitated to ask any questions during the class. Not only she made me ask the questions in front of our classmates, no matter how uneasy I felt, she pushed me to make sure that It’s okay to ask any questions even if it’s a silliest of silly questions.

I had to buckle up and start getting used to the fact that I had to learn and I had to participate to graduate. My friends did help me but it was this professor who left a lasting impact on my life. It would be an understatement if I just said that she helped me graduate with flying colors. She changed the way I thought about life and she taught me to challenge the unchallenged and go achieve impossible feats.

 I was the happiest when I graduated, I still remember that I couldn’t stop smiling and stop being happy for that entire week after graduating. It was such a relief. 

To this day, I am ever thankful that I was one of those luckier ones to have had a chance to know her as my professor and to have graduated with her teachings. 

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  1. I am missing my college life now.. T_T

    Tom and Tins Blog

  2. awww nice write up...
    time will always help us see the good in our older ones
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  3. so well written! teachers indeed can make a difference in our life.

  4. Awe Ananya... this beautiful and touching. I had a teacher that believed in me... because of her, I went from getting 50's to getting 90's +... I'm forever grateful to her ♡

  5. That was a lovely post Ananya :-)

    A new post is up!

  6. Wow you still have your college pics! I passed out not so long ago and I've lost them all. Truth be told, I even lost my convocation certificate :( and now have to go to the university for a reapplication!
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  7. Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing!

  8. i always liked taking the professors that everyone else deemed difficult, I learned more from them and was better off because of it while everyone else was skating by on the "easy" classes. Graduation was so much more meaningful that way.

  9. My first college years were MANY years ago, between 1976 to 1980. Now, decades later, I am once again a college student at the age of 57! I earned my M.Ed. degree at the age of 50 and now I'm a doctoral candidate working on my dissertation.

  10. A very sweet tribute to your teacher :)

  11. There are some teachers who just lift us higher. What a lovely tribute to yours.

  12. very sweet write-up! our teachers are the ones who help us lay the foundation and build well upon it ... :-)

  13. Lovely post. Regarding photo question - I think first one (from left) in back row. Am I right?

  14. Rightly said.... A Teacher truly lays the foundation for learning in an individual.... He / she ever carries that respect in the Society around.... A great Post!

  15. Teachers do shape our lives in a profound way! A good teacher really takes us to new heights.

  16. After reading your life at the college and get inspiration from such a good teacher... i am missing my life moments and lost in those days
    Yes, it's true teachers make our life. they tell us, guide us and at last but not least help us to search, set and reach out goals.
    thanks to share such a wonderful thought provoking article

  17. Hey, what's up, how was your easter..?
    Great post hun, thanks for sharing.

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    Visit me whenever you have time;

    Kisses, i hope you have a lovely week. xXx

  18. Such teachers mold a student into a good human being. You are right, lucky are those who had her as their teacher.

  19. So agree, teachers do make who we are :) in my case its true.

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