Tips for Anarkali Suits

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Anarkali suits have been a huge trend since 2012. I am sure all Indian Closets have one or more of them. Anarkali Suits look good on most body shapes but if you are apple shaped or Inverted triangle shaped ( heavy shoulders and upper body and thin legs) you should avoid wearing them.

If you are pear shaped (Heavy from below the waist) then Anarkali Suits are your best options because they take away attention from your heavier region.

Fashion rules suggest if you are of average height always pair Ananrkali suits with heels or pumps even wedges, anything that adds few extra inches.

Only if you are considerably tall with a slim/Hour Glass figure you can have the luxury of wearing Anarkalis with flats.

If you are consciously dressing to create a taller illusion  then floor length Anarkali suits are something you should avoid wearing. Instead go for straight cut kurtha with high side slits.

If you are on heavier  side choose Anarkali suits in dark colors with small prints. Avoid wearing plain mono colored anakarlis especially light/pastel colors. Avoid yokes at/below bust or waist line. Choose Aline Anarkalis which flow outwards as they increase in length. Preferably long sleeves 3/4ths of full sleeves are the best.

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