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YKB- Yoni Ki Baat !

I looked at the stage where 9 south asian women from different age groups dressed in black and red attires had indifferent look on their face. They looked calm and serene just it seems before the storm is about to hit.

The first lady approached the mic and started expressing her story. I have never seen anyone expresses their sexual desires in a humorous way. She expressed how physical compatibility is equally important in an relationship as much as love is. As she spoke I could literally picture the scene in my head, her enacting skills were that effective.

The next story teller told us how all her life she kept climbing that high pedestal trying to look perfect and please everyone around her. Over the years, she realized that the pedestal is an unreachable target.  She told us that she was not kept there from the beginning but it was her decision to climb up the stairs to satisfy everyone around her. It was after 8 years of being unhappily married, one night when her husband asked her 'Do you want to make this marriage work or no?", she had finally realized it was time to break free and she answered "NO".

The stories continued... the performers expressed their deepest secrets out in the open without knowing who the audience were, who had come that night to listen to them. Within no time, this was no more a show with audience and speakers, it had transformed into a different space where most of the listeners could relate to the stories because most of us have had experienced or have been in same or similar situations or atleast have friends or family who have been in the similar situation. Tears rolled by, the overall performance was beautifully directed. Few jokes cracked and we smiled with our moist eyes and heavy heart.

I looked at the teenager whose story revolved around the fact of discovering her sexuality. How she feared telling her parents about her sexuality. How brave of her at that age being able to express it in front of known and unknown audience. Another story was about extra abnormal tension in the vagina and how this condition could be overcome. I applaud the lady who spoke about her private problems in public with a smile on her face all along. How many of us could really do that. There was a heart breaking story of never ending expectations from in-laws and a husband whose personality changed completely after getting married. One lady explained her story how in past she felt about Motherhood and raising  a child. This was a beautiful piece of narration with an unexpected ending.

One was an open story about a successful girl who shared her share of crushes and heart breaks, how each one taught her more about love. And now was facing the pressure of getting married. Another spoke of how Men still were in search of Virginal women to get married and how non-virgin girls were never to be considered for marriage. I was relived there was a happy ending to her story as she is married to her partner who accepted her whole heartedly.

The directors of this show Ashika Chand and Pallavi Garg have done a marvelous job. I cant thank the Non-Profit organizations Tasveer and Aaina enough for creating this extraordinary show. Attending this show was an experience I cannot forget and will be grateful to Rita Meher - The Co-founder & Executive Director of Tasveer for inviting me that night.

At the end of the show there was a Question and Answer session and many echoed the thoughts of all how we appreciate their guts and courage to share their vulnerability with us. At the end there was a lady from South Korea who said she could relate to most of the stories as she had similar up bringing. Made me realize, No matter where we come from, we have more similarities on the inside even though we look completely different on the outside.

The next event is this thursday Community & Conversations, please click HERE for more details !
Tasveer Seattle, Aaina Seattle, South Asian WOmen speak, Vagina monologs, Real women success stories, Seattle events
PC: Studio Disha 

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  1. This looks like such a great event for South Asian women to meet and collaborate. Thank your sharing!

  2. so sure it was a lovely event

  3. awesome event and awesome ladies of strength and character. you have shared the experience in a beautiful way. thanks.

  4. Wow! Sounds like a fantastic event! Thanks for sharing the small snippets..

    1. Thanks all.
      I was very cautious while writing the small snippets of their real incidents..when someone has narrated their pain in an artistic way..puts a lot of pressure on me as an audience to interpret their story in my words. Phewww!

  5. Umm... Non commital. :D

    But, I loved the way you described this event!

  6. Thank you for sharing this great event. I like the honesty behind these women.

  7. what a nice post Ananya, keep them coming :) all the ladies look beautiful!!!