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'Experience is the Best Teacher'-  I had heard this phrase in school. As years passed it seemed true. I learnt so much from my experiences, don't we all?? Particularly bad experiences teach you more than good ones. Lessons learnt the hard way are the ones which get etched in our memory forever. And are my personal favorites.

I transitioned over a period of time, voluntarily with self efforts from a introvert, in-secured, low self esteem kid to a confident young girl. Like most of us eventually turn out, right!  Now the same  phrase about experiences had a different meaning. Initially I learnt from my own sufferings and experiences but now I learnt much more from others experiences. I don't mean I became nosy and kept questioning people about their personal life, I just became more observant and saw beyond just looking. It helped me understand my needs and expectations from life.

I would like to say if you have a open mind and are sensitive enough to notice what is really really going around you it teaches you more than anything else could ever. You or your close ones don't really have to go through  bad experiences from which you take your lessons. You neither have to over analyze every situation nor become judge-mental about people. You just have to see what you are looking at, See into Life, don't just Look!

I love being surrounded by all kinds of people, literally all. It includes people I love, like, hate, don't like, understand, don't understand, relate-to or not. Because there is so much to learn from just human behavior, it amuses me. Everyone or most of them have some amazing quality, each ordinary individual is extraordinary in his/her unique way. Its just up to us, our inner self to filter out what we don't like and absorb what we do !

Please do share your thoughts, appreciate your time !
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  1. Ananya, I think learning from our own mistakes teaches us a lot but if we can learn from others mistakes that is even better... ♡ xox

  2. You are so right! Just living and dealing with ALL types of people will give you experiences you can learn from. Even people that we don't get along with...you can learn from their mistakes. 😉 I deal with the public on a daily basis at work...and lemme tell you...people are amusing as heck. I love it lol.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

    xo Azu


  3. I agree with your statement.
    Experience is the best teacher. We learn many thing from our experience so we never do same mistake in our life.

  4. Nice post, Ananya. True everyone has amazing qualities. We only need eyes to see them.

  5. I love this because this is perfect. We should soak in everything we can from every kind of people, and if we don't like what we've seen we can simply discard it. Experiences do make a person, and examples make a person, and we, as people, we can create ourselves to be whatever kind of person we want to be. I changed from that insecure kid too, and I'm still working on it ;)

    The Life of Little Me

  6. That was some amazing food for thought...Yes we do learn from experiences and change for good

  7. Yes observing and looking are two different things. We have a lot to learn by observing human behavior. Nice thoughts Ananya.

  8. So rightly said.. Interactions both good and bad truly teach us a lot in our life.. Avoiding the situations out of too much fear within takes out the very charm of rising in our life.. A good Post!

  9. Liked your approach. Learning is a constant process and we can learn from every person or thing if we keep our mind open. :)

  10. Truly agree with you Ananya, experience is the best teacher! :)

  11. Loved the last line. Very true! Experiences shape us and observing people's experiences make us wiser :)

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