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Hi friends, if you are a regular blog reader and follow me on social media you will know that I very rarely take selfies. Yes seems strange, a blogger who writes about fashion but no selfies han?

Yes, am not very good at holding the phone in one hand and taking the picture so selfies are not my thing until now. Few days ago I put a selfie on Instagram  and I was told I should do this more often. Thanks for always trying to encourage me to do stuff that I otherwise wouldn't.

Any way this post is not about selfies but its a product review of Charm Bracelets sent by SouFeel.
Do check what I like and don't about their product in  this video below.

Good News: Use the code Ana5 to get a 5% off your total purchase. They also offer free shipping worldwide for products over $50 and FREE 365 day return and exchange guarantee. They also gift you a free necklace for orders over $59.

If you wish to check out the exact charms and bracelet I ordered.. here are the details:

Bracelet :

Red Suitcase:

Jungle Owl :

Dragon Fly:

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  1. Your selfie turned out awesome. Also the charms are super pretty.

  2. Ananya, u look beautiful and your charm bracelet is very pretty..

  3. You look so lovely , you should take more selfies :)

  4. Aww great to hear you're getting out of your comfort zone
    Selfies are a must !!! xxx
    great post

  5. selfies, posed, planned ... all are cute :) even the video is ... but why is it titled "charm bracelet" :)

  6. Great video and amazing bracelet :)...thx for sharing!

  7. the charms are all very pretty and so is your selfie! :)

  8. Lovely post. And you look so pretty in the selfie :)

  9. U look very pretty in this selfie, Ananya!

  10. Pretty selfie.
    Red suitcase one is really cute and adorable.