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One of my readers sent me an email where she mentioned she is huge and wants to try wearing dresses for the first time. So I am sharing few tips  for  Plus size clothing and you could also help her out with your fashion advice in the comments below, Thanks ! 

Once upon a time plus size clothing used to be boring and monotonous. But in todays era women of all sizes are coming  forward and flaunting their size, like never before. And I really love that, because all you need is that confidence and right set of clothes to look great in your body no matter how big or small you are.

Dresses always make you feel feminine and lady like, so lets see what are the best dress options for plus size clothing.

1. If you are choosing your first dress, then buy a dress with small or medium prints. A dress which shows less skin, so you don't feel out of your comfort zone. I would prefer a dress with sleeves and below the knee length and loosely fitted, nothing body hugging.

2. Once you are comfortable, you could really start experimenting. Search for off shoulder dresses/tops in plus size clothing they always look sexy and never go out of fashion.

3. Dresses with sheer bottoms are also trendy and breezy. They are a good option for beach wear as well. Here are my favorites from plus size clothing.

4. And of course we need few special Occassion dresses. So here are my favorite picks for Cocktail  dresses.

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  1. Seems to be a great shop :)
    I love their styles.
    Great picks too to feature.

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  2. Ananya... I find there are more and more nicer clothing for larger women... It really is all in the way we dress our body too... I remember in the 70's, they had large dresses that made people look bigger than they were...

    By the way, I am not sure if you know but I tried everything I could to comment from my phone and you unfortunately don't have a mobile friendly site... that's why it took me so long to comment back, I do most of it on my phone back and forth to work... Have a great week xox

    I am not sure if this went through, if it did, you can just delete the second one :)

    1. Ohh Launaa I agree n thank u so much for letting me know abt the comment box, Sorry for the inconvenience will take a look at it today itself !