How to Give Yourself a Makeover

How to give yourself a makeover, fashion tips, fashion guide

Have you ever felt like you were in a style rut, just bored with your wardrobe? Or, just spent time admiring other people's outfits and wanted to give yourself a makeover? If you're dying for a new look but afraid of losing yourself in the process, these tips will help you make a successful transformation!

Study different looks. If you know you need a change but are unsure of where to begin, fashion books, magazines, and websites are great start. Print out the looks that inspire you - this will help you get a picture of the type of style you like most!

Find a fashion muse. Whether you want to emulate a certain celebrity or a stylish friend, studying different looks for inspiration can be a huge help. If you aim to dress more like your best friend, raid her closet! No matter whose looks you like, try to get a complete sense of their fashion persona and find ways to make it your own. The goal is to create a look that is influenced by your muse, but is also distinctly your own. Take what you learn, but stay true to yourself! 

Make a list of defining pieces to purchase. There are always a few key articles that totally embody the look you're going for, so take note! Whether it's cowboy boots, scarves, or skinny jeans, write them down, pick your favorites and get shopping! This is also helpful if you're thinking in terms of color. Does your new style include a pastel pink or a vampy red? If it epitomizes your style, write it down! You've got yourself a list of must-haves.

Shop new stores. Whether they're boutiques, thrift stores, or mall shops, try to branch out and shop at some new stores! Online shopping is a great way to do this because you can preview the merchandise of a certain store and see what you like before you go in and try things on. Try browsing online stores you've never been to, or discounted stores you usually pass by. You may be surprised with what you find!

Start small and proceed with caution. Try adding one or two new pieces in with the things you already wear. There's nothing wrong with slowly creating a new look! In fact, easing into a style change is one of the best ways to make your transformation genuine. The best style changes don't happen overnight! 

Never stop expanding your collection. If you buy clothes that fit into a bunch of different categories, you're always going to have something cool to wear on the days you feel sporty or the days you feel like a trend-setter. Go ahead and mix and match! There is no such thing as a fashion uniform. Try anything and everything out!
As you continue to make these subtle changes with your style, you'll eventually evolve your style into something totally unique and YOU! Remember, a confident girl can get away with wearing almost anything, so if you're ever feeling unsure about your outfit, tell yourself you look amazing and fake it until you feel it :)

      Guest Post by Priyanka Gulati

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  1. interesting post :)
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  2. I make a list too for when I need a makeover and I never stop shopping and exploring new stores too
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  3. I agree. Finding a fashion muse is a great way to redefine your style. You can see how they style stuff so it gives you outfit ideas to inspire your own style. Great list!

    xx Yasmin