ToothPaste on my Brush

I came back from my India trip after two long months. oh boy what a trip it was !
I enjoyed spending time at home with family. Meeting extended family over lunch or dinner was interesting. And meeting all my friends after 3 years was something else. We travelled quite a lot to specifically name the places we visited Belgaum, Bangalore, Goa, Hubli, Chennai, Kerala and Mumbai.

Personally there is so much to write about the trip and professionally  I can say it was a life changing experience for me. I had no clue the impact Ananya Tales had on its readers not until I met them in person. It was overwhelming to schedule shoots and meetings with clients. Overall it was a crazy ride, I love being busy and doing one thing after the other and I couldn't have asked for more.

But once I came back to Seattle, a week ago. Suddenly I felt lost. Firstly I am a summer person and to adjust to the cold rainy grey Seattle weather gets depressing. Secondly after being surrounded by people, sound and even noise you cannot take this long period of silence. If you live abroad you know what I mean. So I was felling really low since a week now I am complaining about weather and how much I am missing India, in short complaining about every single thing. I can crib and go into this shell of not feeling good about anything at all. I would like to think this happens to all of us.

Two nights ago during my usual trivial rants I was complaining to Mr.R for not bringing a new tooth paste because I hate squeezing the half empty toothpaste tube. I know it was no big deal but given that I was in a total different space anything as small as that was pissing me off.

The next morning when I woke up, grumpy me went to the bathroom and saw a little note which said 'Good Morning'. Beside that was my washed tooth brush with the toothpaste neatly squeezed on it. Ahh ! in a flash my frowning face was all smiles. I realized that life's become so busy and hectic these days while I complained about everything that I had no control over. I had forgotten to cherish what I had. And here was someone who was still paying attention to my small tiny needs, listening to all my nonsense and was trying hard to help me feel better. This was a nice reminder for me to concentrate on what I have rather than what I don't.

And for those who want to know if the tooth paste ritual is still on...Yeahhh he does that every morning. 
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  1. Glad you had a great trip

  2. How often we forget the little sunshines...thanks for the post

  3. Sometimes little things by someone do mean a lot.. :) nice one..

  4. This is a reall cute story. I would love to read more about your trip to India!
    Have a wonderful weekend dear: )

    1. Thanks Larissa..Sure I will be sharing more next week :)

  5. what a lovely post my dear, the pictures are amazing, simply amazing
    lovely :)

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  6. Nice to read the post. And who doesn't struggle with half empty toothpaste?

  7. A great read dear... that's really sweet of him!

  8. Sweet ,sometimes small gestures tell many things

  9. Sometimes such sweet, little things mean a lot... :-)

  10. aww...this is so sweet. God bless you both :)

  11. So sweet of Mr.R! The winters abroad are depressing indeed. Spent many years in London, and it gets crazy indeed!

  12. So creative of you to make an amusing blog-post of mundane activity like brushing teeth. :)

    And you did it so nicely....

  13. It happens for many but time soon lessens the impact as the new surroundings have their own influence on our minds the other way.. Home sickness is a fact as well as a fiction too.. Best wishes to you and your family!

  14. You have such a caring husband :)