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Imperial Crafts at, home decor, shopping for cute presents, custom made home decor, custom made jewelry

I posted few pictures of Imperial Crafts products on facebook last month. The response was so overwhelming. Many of you  liked their products as much as I did. So I decided to know more about them and hence this interview I hope you enjoy it and dont forget to check :)

Q1. Can you please introduce Imperial Crafts to our readers ?

Imperial craft is a unique platform that showcases and brings into spotlight the best of craftsmanship from all over India. Imperial Crafts was born to revive, preserve and share the craft traditions of India with the world. We at Imperial Crafts, are committed to promote traditional crafts at competitive prices. Our Product range is an eclectic mix of products like jewellery, accessories, hand bags and home décor products. Imperial Crafts, showcases the art of handcrafted and unique products of highest quality which are a genuine display of craft skills.

Imperial Crafts at, home decor, shopping for cute presents, custom made home decor, custom made jewelry

Imperial Crafts at, home decor, shopping for cute presents, custom made home decor, custom made jewelry

Q2. What is the story behind the start of Imperial crafts?

Imperial Crafts is the brain child of Ms. Neel Ghiya from Gujarat, India. Her passion for Indian Crafts gave birth to Imperial Crafts. Having been brought up in the western state of Gujarat, Neel was constantly exposed to the rich art in the form of craftmanship that was present in the roots of the region. Growing up, she observed that it was very prominent in everything Indians made, be it the elaborate clothing accessories or home decor.

Interestingly, the best skills remain largely undiscovered and are only found in streets of different cities. It is difficult to discover the products of great artisans and make it accessible to popular masses. Imperial Crafts took shape to bridge this gap and bring the art being conceptualized through grass root artisans and bring it to popular masses. It is formed not only with in an aim to solve the problem of easy discovery but also provide support to the micro setups that continue churning out such beautiful pieces. 

Imperial Crafts at, home decor, shopping for cute presents, custom made home decor, custom made jewelry

Imperial Crafts at, home decor, shopping for cute presents, custom made home decor, custom made jewelry

Q3. Which are the most  popular products among your customers?

Imperial crafts covers the range of fashion accessories and home decor. The consumer favorites are.

1. Clutch Bags

The favorites at Imperial crafts are intricately designed clutch bags that form an integral part of your traditional attire. These clutches are designed keeping in mind the occasion and outfit they can be used with. They let you carry all your essentials and suit perfectly with your outfit so that you don't have to take along an out of place bag. Just like your exclusive outfit, these bags too are handcrafted exclusively keeping in mind the purpose and to add a dimension to your personality. 

2. Neck pieces

These elaborately designed necklaces enhance your look and become one with your dress to present a traditional look. These come in great variety and you can pick and choose from the lot to suit your get-up. These neck pieces have modern yet contemporary look. Hence they look equally flawless with Indian and western outfits. 

3. Jewelled Dine-ware

The jewelled dinner sets will make your every meal royal. These also double up as great decor pieces to look at. When u set the table for your meals, its not only the food that matters, the decor and the serving plates are equally important to make your meal a pleasant experience. These beautiful dine-ware does just that. You can use them to impress your guests and making them feel special. It spells the effort and intricate care you have taken to give them a pleasant experience. We are sure these will be head turners on the table.   

4. Cushion covers and bed linen

Bed is where you spend one third of your life on. The intricately designed cushion covers and bed linen are not only aesthetic marvels but also are very comfortable to sleep on. 
The flawless colour combinations and meticulous designs bring life to your room. With these masterpieces we help you design a simple living space into a luxurious home which spells class and has an Indian touch to every dimension of the room.   

Q4. How does selling on ezebee benefit you ?

We have our listing on various other portals, but we have found ezebee extremely user friendly and responsive. Setting up the showroom is very easy. Also, new products and be addded and edited without any complications. There is no limitation to putting keywords to the products, hence it provides better visibility to the shop. Adding and finding new contacts is very easy. It provides easy and secure payment options. The complete module is designed in an very simple manner, making it more adaptable and fun in using. The service of ezbee staff is commendable. We have always got prompt reply to our queries with complete transparency. We are very happy with the response we have got from ezebee as their client. You can check our showroom here -

Imperial Crafts at, home decor, shopping for cute presents, custom made home decor, custom made jewelry

Q5. What sets you apart from your competitors  ?

We believe, luckily in the world of art, there is no competition instead there is appreciation of and inspiration from the work done by other talented people of your field.  Our Creativity and Passion is the driving force for us. The color combinations, the designs we think and its transform into our products are something which comes naturally. Every single day in an Indian household is a new era, which brings in brilliant ideas with a pallet full of vibrant colors, to make our work better each day. The Indian lifestyle, festivals, lights, colors, customs, occasions and celebrations… all these inspire our work. And when people adore our art pieces, we think we did our job. We strive to create master pieces with the help of our artisans. They are our biggest strength and pillars of our success. 

Q6. What do you think of the new revised ezebee website ?

The revised Ezebee is like icing on the cake. Its is beautifully designed and is just an exemplary version of to an already good earlier website. The newer version presents the showrooms as an individual website would. It is more simple and makes navigation very easy and user friendly. Its appealing to the eye as it shows products from all categories under one caption. Also the pricing has been revised as per the currency of the showroom's origin Country which makes it more accecable to the local buyers. Keywords have been placed rightly and given more emphasis, which i m sure will improve the visibility of each showroom, thereby helping generate more business. Overall, I feel its a wonderful job done by ezebee team.

Ms. Neel Ghiya : Founder of Imperial Crafts

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