Self-Love is Essential

Self-love is a noun and is defined as regard for one's own happiness and well-being. It's chiefly considered as a desirable rather than a narcissistic characteristic.

What are your thoughts??

To be brutally honest I love myself more than this post can explain. I am not embarrassed by this fact. I usually say it out loud "Main tho meri Favorite Hu" way before this dialogue was used in 'Jab we Met', a famous Bollywood movie. That line literally means I am my favorite, sounds better in Hindi language ;)

If you ask me was I always like this. No, during my childhood I was introvert girl with low self esteem. For reasons which only I understand better now but for sure had got nothing to do with my skill sets but were based on my social- economic conditions  and disruptive family history. Let's not go there in this post.

Maybe that changed during my teenage, while others got restless and lost their mind on trivial issues. I on the other hand, If I could say so my responsibilities grew and forced me into an early  matured adulthood. Please note I am not regretful that fate had this course for me, instead I am grateful as with more problems came more responsibilities and more Freedom :)

So somewhere in that phase of my life, Self-Love became my defense mechanism and the only way to survive the harsh societal pressures. There were few people who misunderstood this self-love for arrogance but as much as I loved myself I never looked down upon anyone, so not sure why they misinterpreted me.

Jumping a decade further in my life now when I am almost going to be 30 in less than 30 days. I feel Self-Love has become a part of my nature, thinking and attitude. If you ever hear me when I am happy I really praise myself for small and big achievements, without hurting anyone's sentiments off course. When I fail, I am miserably sad and make fun of my short comings and have the ability to smile at it, after a while.

I would be lying If I say I have never doubted or questioned my self- love. There have been times like when I put on weight, when I failed at job interviews, when my face was filled with acne, acne scars and so on. But the that period has been a very, very short span of time. Maybe it lasted for few minutes or few hours depending on criticality of the situation.

But for most of the times I just love myself, to the extent my wallpaper on my cell phone is a picture of myself. I think I am not self obsessed because I don't believe- I am the best, I am the most beautiful or the most successful etc... I just strongly have faith in myself. I might not really be an extra ordinary person but I have the strength to put in efforts to make ordinary things come true. I may not be talented but I have the courage to learn and adapt new things/situations  quickly. I might not be blessed with the silver spoon but I could make most of what I have. My skin might be scared but my soul isn't and definitely nothing in the world will stop me from loving myself and smile when I see my reflection in a mirror or a window pane !

I love all that I am- Just as I am ...
And you should too<3 p="">
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  1. This is so true and important for bloggers to remember!

    Chow Down USA

  2. Nice post...i do believe Self love is more imp than anything else.


  3. Its always good to love yourself.

  4. I have also found that the older I get the more accepting and kind I am to myself. That's a good thing. I don't fear get older at all. I am quite happy. Thanks for writing this post. Self-love is important, we are valuable and full of worth! :)

  5. A great Philosophy to live by. I believe in loving myself first and then, I can love others. A great post, Ananya.

  6. great post, i need this all the time :D

  7. Great post, self love is necessary for bloggers :)

  8. It's very important to love oneself. You are always. I too try to embrace my flaws and love myself.

  9. Lovely thoughts dear and you look ravishing in the picture! :)

  10. The best is when love fills you up and overflows to others. So you are right on spot!

  11. Thanks for sharing your powerful thought..
    I have instantly become a fan.. followed your blog

  12. If you don't love yourself, how could you expect others to love you? Nice post indeed.

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