Few weeks back we were in Portland, Oregon. I am not a fussy person when it comes to food but in the morning  I love eating  South Indian  breakfast like idli, dosa, uppma etc. That morning was one such day, I was craving to eat a dosa. We were on our way to a restaurant in Beaverton which was 45 minutes away, but I wanted to go there as I could not settle eating anything else.

We reached AbhiRuchi greeted by the friendly owner. After the long drive finally when I picked the menu to look at the variety of dosa's they offered, I thought it was worth it. When he came to our table he said they offered only Lunch Buffet. Immediately my smile vanished, I tried hiding my disappointment but failed. He noticed that and was kind enough to ask me what I wished to eat. I tried being modest and refused. But when he insisted I happily said ' MASALA DOSA and Chai'.

After few minutes, he came out with the small dosa that I ordered ;)
 It was very crisp, non- oily and delicious. So next time you visit Portland you know where to eat your morning breakfast.

ABHIRUCHI - South&North Indian Cuisine 
3815 SW Murray Blvd
Beaverton, OR

(503) 671-0432

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  1. That is great :) Indian food is the best food :D

  2. Ananya that looked tasty, I had my lunch a shot while back and now I am hungry

  3. You are lucky Ananya, I stay in Switzerland and get such cravings too but not a place worth it.

  4. What a kind man to serve you something off the menu...and ya, the Dosa is pretty small ;)

  5. That is nice, home away from home!

  6. Ananya - Great post!! Glad you got a chance to have Dosa in Portland. Sounds "at home"!!
    I stay in South India and there are so many varieties of idli and dosa. You can never get bored. :) Have a look at this post!

    Parul :)

  7. Did you tip that sweet guy, it was nice of him to cater to what you were craving... delicious masala dosa, crisp, non-oily and tasty

    1. Yes I did tip him n with this post he got many new customers :)