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South Indian successful fashion icon, Indian origin famous magazine editor, Indian who had made it big in USA,

Whenever I do formal introduction of myself, it normally comes off as "too professional," because that's the way I have to be in the field which I work in -- fashion & journalism. But there's no need for formality here, so shall we cut the chase?

I'm Tirusha. Tirusha Dave to be more exact :-) I was born & raised in the US, but have always stayed true to the roots which my parents provided to me. It is cliche to say, but I am a mix of East & West; I love to wear my stilettos, and jeans, but I'll always mix it up with my Desi bangles or duppata as a scarf. I can listed to my Katy Perry, but also sit down & play antakshari with my family-friends.

For those who are reading this, and know me on a personal level, today is a very important day for me; and for those who don't, well, you might learn a thing or two about me, as you read this post. What am I? Allow me to tell you: I'm a daughter. A sister. A friend. A professional. A writer; a unique individual.

I'm also a survivor. I'm someone who fights for what's important in life.
A little over six years ago, I had an idea, a crazy idea to do something different in life. I was already off the bridge of having changed my major from Pharmacy to English, and confused about what it was I wanted to do in life. I had this strong, growing passion for the field of writing. Not sure if it was something I "inherited," as I come from a well known Gujarati literature-based family, or I just had a damn good knack at writing. But it was something I loved -- and that's putting it quite lightly. During my final years of being an English major I was bored with my internships...never having the creativity or freedom to write HOW I wanted to or even WHAT I wanted to write about. My professor, Dr. Clipper, challenged me and said, "If you're so bored with all the magazines you're writing for, then make one of your own."
** Deer caught in headlights was the expression I had **

And the first thing which spat out of my mouth was, "I don't know HTML." I went home that same day and Googled, how do you start an online magazine. Sure enough, there were hundreds & thousands of website and blogs, with tips, tricks, and so much more. It was overwhelming, to say the least. But I was determined to do it. And then, one day, Bravura Magazine was born. It was a blank website, with just a header, in some lame JPEG image I created on my own laptop.

South Asian fashion magazine, famous INdian fashions, USA-INDIAN fashion and lifestyle magazine

I needed content; but how? I started to pull all the previous articles I had written for other magazines & online publications, placing them on the website. I started to write my own thoughts into more full articles, researching different topics, and getting more in-depth with my writing. It was turning out really well. I knew friends who were interested in different fields -- art, music, health, and so on -- so I asked them to contribute different articles to the website, turning it into a more user-friendly website -- there was nearly something for everyone.

Over time, Bravura Magazine grew & developed, not into some mega-empire, but into something which I never thought possible. Something which I thought was once a dream. I was attending movie premieres, for not only Hollywood, but Bollywood movies as well, and have had the chance to interview & mingle with celebrities and even political figures throughout the years. And then... FASHION entered my world. It was a world which was semi-foreign to myself. Growing up, and when in college as well, I always had a distinctive taste in style and personal looks for myself, whether it was how I did my hair, my make-up, or even dressed. But the first time I new I wanted to REALLY do something in fashion was when I was writing for several different US-based South Asian bridal publications; it was a time which allowed me to meet & interview different designers. So for me, it first began with combining writing & fashion - two things which I loved so much. And the rest was history.

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  1. Inspirational. All the best to her!

  2. Hey Tirusha, congrats and many more issues. I'm also a journo and quite bored, nowadays. I wanna start a content website someday and hope this gives me motivation plus fillip.

  3. Hello Vishal; thanks for the kind words! Would love to read your writing sometime. Best of luck and hope you pursue your dreams as well!

  4. that's cool !! Can be inspiration for many !

  5. Hey Tirusha ! That is really cool!! Hats off to you!! You have got conviction and the power to fulfill your dreams. meanwhile I am pondering to switch to full time writing Your story inspires me. Thanks a lot Ananya for bringing her story to us.

    P.S, Ananya will you mind if I call you Anu?

    1. My pleasure and hey u can call me Anu..u dont have to ask me dear :)

  6. Can't wait to read the rest of this magical journey.


  7. Such a great and inspirational person..