Love from a distance : Part 2

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The text was meant for Varun, but landed up in Sahil's inbox by mistake. 
It was an explosion on Sahil as he was a short tempered guy. He called her up immediately. She answered the call. 

Sahil : Whom was that text for ?
Neha : Sorry I sent it to you it was for someone else. 
Sahil : Who ?
Neha : Another friend . 
Sahil : Male or female ?
Neha : What do you think ?
Sahil : Male. tell me whom was it directed to ?
Neha : It was for Nisha a collogue at work. 
Sahil : You never told me about her. 
Neha : I can't believe that you are doubting at me . 
Sahil : Yes. I am doubting on you . Tell me the truth. 
Neha : I told you the truth. It was for Nisha. I am not gonna explain you anything more. If you trust me than fine else, I don't owe you any explanation. 

There was silence for 1 minute. None of them spoke anything . Each one waiting for the other one to talk. Finally, Sahil broke the truce and said, "I'm sorry". "Go to hell" said Neha and disconnected the call. 
 The next day, Sahil Called up Imran, and explained him what was going on between him and Neha. Sahil requested Imran to spy on Neha for a couple of days and inform him on her daily routine. Imran, another batch mate of Neha and Sahil agreed for the same and began observing Neha's regular routine. He observed that she had lunch with Varun every day and spent most of her time in college with him. He reported back to Sahil each day on her activities. Imran said, "I have a suspicion that she is seeing Varun but, I am not sure though". Sahil replied, " Keep me posted on this". 

Neha and Sahil did not contact each other for 3 days. In the meanwhile, Imran had his eyes on Neha and Varun. After waiting for three days, Sahil sent a text to Neha "Good morning honey, I'm sorry for what happened  that night. Let us start fresh from today" . 

Neha replied : "I need some time" 

Sahil : "Take your time, I shall wait for your response". 

That day, it was cultural night at the college. Varun picked up neha and they both went to the function together. Imran followed em up and Sahil kept looking at his cell phone awaiting either a text or a call from Neha. 
With every passing hour, his hopes were diminishing. He did not report to work that day hoping Neha would call but she did not. Rather, she was busy with the cultural night celebration back in college with Varun. 

After waiting for the entire day, Sahil decided to give a call to Neha. 

Sahil : Hey, I am still waiting for the response.
Neha : Why don't you understand Sahil, I need some time on this. Give me sometime please. 
Sahil : I can't wait more. Every second of wait is killing me. 
Neha : What do you want from me .
Sahil : I want to know what is in your mind. How do you see this relationship?
Neha : I can't decide. I need time. I beg u, leave me alone. 
Sahil : I guess you are not interested. I think I should stop calling you than. 
Neha : Oh please don't you start now !!!

Sahil Disconnected the call. Something which Neha was not expecting. Sahil had begun to panic. He use to utter words Without thinking on it and later repent for what he said. 
Neha, in anger and frustration, left the party hall and started towards the parking lot. Varun followed him. He kept asking her what's wrong, she did not respond and kept walking. Varun stopped her at the parking lot and asked her what's wrong. She grabbed Varun's shoulder and started to cry. She began to narrate him the entire story . Neha complained on how unhappy she was with Sahil. She said, she did not like him doubting on her and asking her a million question on any topic Involving any guy, she did not like the way he use to stop her from doing things according to her wish, She did not like him dominating on her, and above all, he hardly had any time for her.  Varun consoled Neha and managed to stop her from 
crying. He cheered her up and made her to forget what happened with Sahil and managed to get a smile on her face back. 

They sat beside each other on a desk. It was 7PM in the evening and there was no one around them in the parking lot. Varun, kept smoothing her hair and managed to get a smile on her face with his cheesy talks. The intimacy between them grew with the cold breeze of air. Neha looked at Varun and said "Thank you for making me smile again". Varun looked in her eyes and said, "Anything for you ma'am". That touched Neha and she kept looking at Varun and Varun did not take his eyes off Neha. They kept staring at each other and varun moved a inch closer to Neha. Neha did not move. She was still, and she 
Closed her eyes. Taking advantage of the situation varun moved forward and kissed her. Neha, kissed him back. They Kissed long and then stopped. After the kiss, They were both numb for a while. They didn't realize what just happened between them. Varun held Neha's hand and guided her towards his car. They hopped in and headed to Varun's place. Very lil did they knew that their moves were monitored by Imran. 

Imran called up Sahil and explained him what had just happened . Sahil was shattered . He was on his knees. He kept Calling Neha but She did not respond. He kept weeping and tried calling her repeatedly but again, no response. With each second going by, his emotions started to tear him apart. With Every minute passing by, the thought of Neha locked up in a room with Varun began to kill him minute by minute. He wished he could somehow fly and stop Neha by committing this act. 

He cried out loud but, very little did he know that his voice could not reach Neha. There was no one to stop him from crying that night. His tears explained how helpless he was. He was struck. On his heart. Badly. He put his cell phone down, covered his face with his hands and began to weep. He knew this was going nowhere. He kept crying by hiding his face against the bed. Sometimes Turning left, sometimes right but tears continue to flow in the same direction. He kept wiping his tears using the bed sheet. He realized, the cloth covering the entire world wouldnít be enough for him that day . He Stopped and began to think on how he could save the dying relationship. But he could not get any answer .The love of his life with whom he had planned his entire life was sharing the bed with someone else. Could it be more worse than this ? He slept while crying. Before he could sleep, he had called up Neha 42 times. How could I define how sahil felt. Words could never express his disappointment and emotions. Neha felt guilty of cheating Sahil but could not gather courage to tell him the truth.

The next morning, he woke up and called her again and this time, she did pick up the call. He asked Neha where she was and why she did not answer his call last night. To which Neha Responded saying "I was tired so I slept early last night". Sahil explained her how he had setup Imran to monitor her moves and confronted her. She denied the act at first as an Allegation but later accepted to have committed the same. She told him how unhappy she was with him and wanted all this to come to an end. She said she wanted to begin a new life with Varun and he was everything which Sahil Wasn't. 

Does he make you smile ? Asked Sahil. He has time for me and at least he doesn't makes me cry" Neha responded. 

Today after 5 years :Neha and Varun are happily married and settled. Sahil lost his job, left delhi and is now is now a drug addict who cannot Survive without drugs. 

Whose fault was it ?? Was it Sahil who doubted on Neha and gave her very less time out of his daily routine and was expecting a lot from Neha ? Was it Neha who lied to Sahil and circumstance made her cheat on Sahil ? Or was it Varun who took advantage of the situation knowing that Sahil and Neha loved each other ?

A note from Sahil's dairy : 
When I am with friends, 
i want to be alone, 
when I am alone 
I want company.
nothing comforts me the way you did. 

A rotating fan seems more interesting to me than any other girl or a movie.
You were the best thing ever happened to me is what you said.
what a sweet lie had that been.

Before you and after you is how I relate things in my life.
Emptiness of heart and darkness in life seems more usual than a smile on my face.

I don't want to be with any other girl and screw up her life as for my life is already screwed up.
All I see is happy couples around me doing stuff that we once did but, you are far away in reality 
and with dried tears I've accepted this fact.

An empty pocket and a lonely feeling being beside, 

The biggest anguish is that EVERY SINGLE MOMENT I'M DYING INSIDE.
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  1. Replies
    1. Not every love story has a happy ending Shweta :). Thank you for reading :)

    2. yeah...:( anyway, great job! keep writing..would love to read more stories! :)

  2. Good one bro...

    It was never anyone's Mistake... Coz, Sahil had to move away so that he can earn better and live happy with Neha Forever and Neha Being Lonely and wanted someone as a support choosing another path where she was totally left all alone

    If the Characters were real by any chance.... I would suggest Sahil to move on, (keeping in mind that its really hard to forget the first love, but sacrificing your life to drugs in the name of love is not a good thing

    And neha did the right thing by Choosing another person in her life coz, with Sahil, She Did not feel the same love, same feelings, same emotions and the same way she used to before. and it doesnt make any sense to still hang to a person who doesnt make you feel comfortable....

    At the end of the day.... It is life... you gotta move on......

  3. Very..... I don't know how to react..... I think accepting reality is essential for a happy life :) Regarding story - It's a blockbuster

  4. Nice narration....Sahil's fault that he did not move on, Neha could have handled things better

  5. A story Vch I cud relate to mah life...a lil...well written...& d last part 'a note from Sami's diary' dat one really bought tears in Mah was quite touching....

  6. Very good narration which keeps you involved till the very end and does bring some intense emotions out,though story which we lot see in our regular life,the way it is narrated never felt that I am reading a trivial love story.
    Very well done for the way story is made to feel a special love story.