Love from a distance : Part 1

This is a true story with fictional names narrated by our beloved guest writer Shahid Shaikhali !

It was in the spring of 2008. When Sahil(18) saw Neha(18) for the first time. It was his first day of Engineering. Being late to the class already on his first day, Sahil showed up. Surprisingly, he wasn't alone. She was also running late. But Neha entered first, than entered Sahil. Since it was the first day, the class had 100 % occupancy. So they were forced to share the same desk by the window side. Sahil, 5.7 inch tall, fair, he had worn a white color tshirt with a blue jeans. Neha, Ah !! 
How can I describe her? Words weren't enough to describe her beauty. She wore a blue color salwar, fair,  long silky hair which she kept moving aside but the cool breeze of air had other plans of taking them to Sahil . Sahil couldn't Concentrate on the lecture. The fragrance of her shampoo, it was enough to bring euphoria to Sahil. The class was over, 

Sahil tried to speak to Neha but couldn't gather courage to speak to her. 
The next day in college, Sahil occupied the same desk hoping that he would have to share it with Neha but unfortunately, it wasn't the case. Sahil kept occupying the same seat for a week until everyone in the class came to know the Mistry of the desk that including Neha. When she heard about it for the first time, it was a bit weird to her but than she thought it was cute. She noticed Sahil for a couple of days and finally, before Sahil could come to the class and acquire the same Desk, Neha was already in it waiting for Sahil to come. It was his day. The moment he came in and saw Neha waiting for him, it was a magical moment. He couldn't help but smile, so did she. So there it started, they began to talk . They Occupied the same desk each day and became close friends. 

The bond of friendship began to grow in an open space. They exchanged their numbers. Neha was a local but Sahil hailed from North India. Neha use to always sleep early since her mom wouldn't allow her to stay up late night. That bothered Sahil a bit since their chats would wrap up before 10 pm each night. But one night, they continued to text each other till 12:30 am . Amidst their conversation, Sahil said to Neha, "I finally broke your truce and kept you awake late" to this Neha replied, "Itís my birthday today, I am awake because people are wishing me ". It was an embarrassing situation for him. He didn't know what to do or say. In fact, he couldn't even wish her on her birthday. He just stopped texting her. The next day. Sahil, did not come to college. He did not respond to Neha's phone calls and messages. Neha, the birthday girl Thought that this was her worst birthday ever since Sahil never showed up to the college and there is still no response to her texts and phone calls. she kept looking at the door hoping Sahil would show up but, He did not. Towards the end of the college hours, Neha received a text, It was from Sahil. it read, "I am at the exit gate, waiting for you". Neha left the class and started towards to exit gate, there he was. He had arranged for a bike. She hopped on, and there she left with him for a long ride . Sahil to Neha, "Itís the first time that a girl in riding the bike with me". Neha replied, " You are second person with whom I am riding, the first one being my dad". And they continued their ride and returned by the evening. Sahil, dropped neha back home. He still hadn't wished her for the birthday. So when he stopped, just two lanes before her place, It was already dark. 

Neha to sahib "We've reached, aren't you gonna wish me now ? ". 
Sahil : "Not yet".
Neha : " Oh common, wish me, its already late and I have to go now "
Sahil : "Not yet"
Neha : Are you gonna wish me or should I leave ?
Sahil : You can leave. 

And She left in anger. She reached home and texted Sahil, "I hate you". Sahil called her up. He began talking to her and asked her to show up in the balcony. As soon as she showed up in the balcony, Boom, 3 fire crackers went off in the air lightning up the dark sky. Neha was surprised, she couldn't speak for a moment and kept looking at the sky even after the fire crackers went off. Sahil stood up below, at a distance from her house gate, and kept looking at Neha. Luckily, her Parents weren't at her place. Sahil, " A very happy birthday Neha". And Now, Neha couldn't response. She was taken aback by the fireworks and kept looking at Sahil out of the balcony. Sahil began to sing for her over the phone. 
Neha was numb and stunned. 
Sahil : " I also have something to tell you"
Neha : " What "
Sahil : " I love you". 

And She was stunned again, But that time, it was with joy and happiness. She said yes. And their story began...

The Initial days of love is the most beautiful phase of relationship. Suddenly, Dear changes to darling and hey changes to honey. When your phone rings, you expect him/her to be the one calling you. You decide names for each other. And you also decide the names of your future kids. Ah !! You can't wait to get married, isn't it ? Well, that's reality you start planning your future with your partner. That's exactly what Neha and Sahil started to do. Neha was more concerned about Sahil being from North India, that was something that she had to deal with . And then, the usual quarrel of whether its gonna be a baby boy first or a girl was always on the cards . Neha wanted a girl and Sahil had to agree on it but, reluctantly.  They had decided, they are gonna marry each other. The honeymoon planning did not go well. As Neha wished Germany but Sahil wished for Goa(Cost cutting measures). The place they are gonna settle down, how they are gonna spend time with each other after marriage, The late night drives, Special anniversary date, Special sleepless nights, early morning romance, sweetness of surprises, everything was planned .Everything went on really well for them. They use to hangout in the college garden till late evening, go on long drives on Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays, They used to watch all the movies together. All this with a help of imaginary tuition classes that did not exist. The Bond of love become Stronger day by day and they kept adding more to it each day. 

Every day they realized how much they loved each other. The exam preparations were just another reason to come to library,sit staring at each other and try hard to study but fail every single time they tried to concentrate . It must be difficult to concentrate when someone who gives you Goosebumps is sitting in front of you. Everything went on really well for them. But they did not realize when the time went by and when they graduated from the college.

Sahil got an offer for a job at an MNC based in delhi but Neha could not get any. Neha decided to take a lecturer post in a local college. How to deal with long distance relationship ? Well, this was something which was not planned. The first initial days, it was tough for them. Sahil moved to Delhi for a job while Neha, being in the same town with whom she had spent the last four years of life was left alone. Both of them miles apart but couldn't help talking to each other every single day. They shared the memories of their college every single day. At least once in a day, Neha cried over the phone on how much she missed Sahil and Sahil couldn't control his emotions either. Neha being left alone, had very little things to do on her daily schedule. Home to office and office to home was her only routine in life. Sahil, on the other hand was very occupied with his job but did manage to speak to Neha at least once in a day . 

The Distance between them began to fade the relationship as Neha demanded more time from Sahil but he could not give her much time. Neha wasn't liking it. Sahil use to come back after work being tired, he use to hit the bed early.He also forgot to wish Neha on her birthday as he was stuck up in the office late at a night before the project release which he had been working upon. Neha was very disappointed on the same. Another of Neha and Sahil's batch mate Varun, was also working as a lecturer in the same college. Neha at times use to have lunch with him in the canteen but Sahil did not like it. . Sahil warned Neha not to meet or talk to Varun but for Neha, Varun was the only person whom she could complain about 
Neha continued her friendship with Varun without informing Sahil. Sahil gave neha almost all the happiness she needed but for what he missed, Varun stepped in and provided neha what Sahil had missed. Sometimes, time isn't right for you. It Isnít right for your partner but it is right for someone else. After all, there had to be a loser for someone to win. 

Sahil began to be the loser. No matter how hard Sahil tried, Neha found that there was always something missing in his attempt to keep her happy. Lying to Sahil began to be a common thing for Neha. She lied to him and started to see Varun and spent most of her time in college with him. Lunch with Varun was her regular routine by now. And then started the long drives and movies together. 

She did everything that she once did with Sahil. Soon, the late night chats of Sahil and Neha, turned to out to be one line texts that they sent each other wishing them either good morning, or good night. While talking over the phone, they hardly had any topic to discuss or talk about. Sahil tried hard but Neha had begun to lose her interest in their talks. 

The project on which Sahil had been working for months was over, now he had enough time to give to Neha. But, he was a bit late in doing so.Sahil knew, he was losing the battle but he never knew whom he was fighting the battle with . Sahil was desperately trying to save the relationship but for Neha, it wasn't working out. Varun's talks made more sense to her than Sahil's promises and Varun had more time for her than Sahil could ever give. Sahil decided that he is going to clear the air between them and strengthen the relationship so he called up Neha late at night. 

Sahil : Hey, 
Neha : Hi
Sahil : How are you?
Neha : I'm good how are you ?
Sahil : So ... ??
Neha : You tell me.. 
Sahil : You don't have anything to speak ?
Neha ; No. I don't . You tell me if there is anything to speak about?
Sahil, in anger: Why do you always have nothing to talk about ourselves?
Neha : Because I don't have anything to talk about. Simple. You tell something and I shall listen to it. 
Sahil : Am I the only one talking interest in this relationship ?
Neha : Please don't spoil my mood. I am tired. I'm sleeping good night. 

Good night she said and hung up the phone. Sahil could not control his anger, Called her back, But she did not answer the phone. He was hurt. So was she. She had another shoulder to cry and but Sahil was alone miles away from Neha. He kept thinking for an hour and decided to call Neha one more time to sort out the things between them.  As he began to 
type her number to give her a call, he suddenly got a text. It was Neha . 

"Thank you for improving my mood, you are such a sweetheart. I'm smiling again" She wrote . 

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