Rafting in Tieton: Part 2

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We were all geared up and carefully listening to George who was giving instructions oh how to paddle, how NOT to paddle, where to sit, how to lean inwards , Important signs if we get thrown out in water or jump voluntarily, how to pull a person from the river, how not to panic, to avoid strainers those are fallen tress that block some parts of the river, how not to hit your companion with your oars etc etc.. sounds really scary right !

Well my first rafting experience was in Kali river, India and I must tell you it was one hell of a experience. The steep turns, sudden twists,highs and lows all were super fun but nothing could beat the fact that our raft toppled and we were thrown in the river. I didn't know how to swim thanks to life jacket I was floating all of us were scattered and one of my friend was right below the boat luckily she didn't panic but found her way out soon. It was scary and funn !

 This rafting was different, the water was really cold even though it was a bright sunny day. It was 17 mile route but it was down stream so we didn't really have to work hard on our paddle. It was easy and comfortable. There weren't many steep falls so we could really enjoy our surroundings that really kept it interesting. It wasn't exhausting!

Our guide Brad was complimenting us for our strength and good coordination as a team..yayayyy !

As we started talking we discovered he was the owner of the company Blue Sky Outfitters ..Isn't that cool. I could not resist and started asking him  questions one after the other and he was more than happy to share his story. He and his wife started this company in 1980's and today they have grown to an extent that was once their dream. Soon the two hours 17mile rafting sport was over and our bus took us back to the destination.

Here's the best part when you are cold, wet and hungry what will cheer you up??


Yeah, But here's a catch except for Aviral we all are VEGETARIANS so there is always a possibility of not having anything to eat but luckily that day we had plenty on our plate. There was corn, potato salad, mac and cheese, VEG burger , toast , chips and salsa. 

This was the perfect way to end our rafting outing !

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