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A post from Nalini:

Birthdays are always special. I love celebrating birthdays. The thought of gifting something unique , cooking something special ,planning for a location  makes me activated with energy. My husband's(Ajay's) birthday was on 19th November. This is our first birthday celebration together in US . Last year we celebrated in India .It was fun. I didn't want him to miss his family and close friends in India & US ( who weren't in the same city ).I requested my parents, in-laws, sisters and sis-in laws and his close friends  out of town to send a video of them wishing Ajay in an unique way .It was kind of fun and kind of tiring to repeatedly follow-up and ask them to send me the videos on time .Finally I think I did a pretty decent job in getting most of the videos. I played them in the midnight 12am .Ajay was really happy and moved to see all his loved ones wishing him .One was screaming ,One was dancing ,One was too shy to wish him .One of his friend wished Happy Diwali instead of Happy birthday ha-ha. It was a mixed combination of emotions in the videos. I am sure Ajay will treasure them for lifetime.

My hubby is an ardent fan of Rajnikanth. Rajnikanth needs no introduction. He is a very famous actor in India. Whenever we watch his movies I  do not dare to laugh at his action scenes .If not I should be prepared to get a big punch from my hubby . My hubby is a good poker player too .He has participated in  2014 WSOP tournament  and has won Microsoft giving" Champions  of championship "recently. I decided to get a cake with poker and Rajnikanth theme. 

I am a person who is always relying on my hubby .Felt little strange to plan a surprise party without  giving away the details  to him and manage everything without him.It was so much fun.We always discuss day to day details be it small or big.I had to keep this hush hush for a week and it was toooo much for me to hide in my tummy hehe.:O. When our friends called to discuss the steps ,we used our own codes so that he wasn't  getting a clue. I thank all my friends, without their help this party was impossible.
 I decided to have a flash mob .We chose Rajnikanth's  famous song "Lungi dance".When I told about flash mob my sweet friends got excited .We hardly had time to practice .Each one of  us live at different locations .I made a video of the steps and sent them. It feels good when your plan succeeds ,it becomes even more exciting when you see your friends as equally excited as you are and irrespective of time and distance constraints give all their effort to make it happen . My friends were so kind to help me execute everything smoothly .

Party started at 7pm and all my guests were present on time to surprise my hubby. After the cake cutting , we did our flash mob after 3 retakes.Either the music was not supporting or the audience was so loud to hear our music .When the music started playing we forgot our cue .Finally we started dancing and it was awesome .This was my first flash mob with no practice but my girls did a great job.

My hubby was quite overwhelmed with the cake theme and the flash mob thingy .

All in All , it was a mad ,crazy ,happening one helluva birthday bash. My one week of planning,co ordinating and bugging my friends with silly questions paid up.Had a blast and I thank all my friends  for adding a beautiful chapter in our(Mine & Ajju's) lives :)
by Nalini Keshava 

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  1. Wow! What a lovely read! These small things play a greater role in binding relationship together. :)

  2. The cake is so YUMMY ! ^_^ Lovely post Nalini !

    1. Yes it was yummy .Our favourite chochlate flavor .

  3. Great thought Nalini ! I can understand how strange n tough it must be for you to not share the details with him ..... but you did it with flying colours.. definitely another strong bond in your relationship and life .Tch Wood :)

    1. Thank you Kokila. More than my husband, he is my best friend .I didn't know it would be tough to hide it from him for a week. Teheeeee! Thank you for reading my post :)