Vacation: Day 1

Dec 24th 3:21pm
I am someone who loves travelling and visitng new places. But today even though am on my way to the airport,  I feel no excitement. Stupid cold and irritating sore thorat have taken a toll on me.

I like long drives especially with Mr.R because we have so much to talk about. We get philosophical too at times. Out favourite topics are Life, Marriage, Indian Culture and the list goes on. Like any other  two strongly opinionated people we often get into heated arguments.

But today in our car instead of our usual chatter you can hear Bollwood songs, that is because if i start talking  I will end up coughing. Mr.R looks pretty tensed as there is more traffic than he expected. He is doubtful about reaching Portland on time. I have decided to blog everyday on this trip, hopefully I am able to do it. Now let me stop typing and enjoy the scenic drive.

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