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Valentines day is here already, all the rosy valentines day cards, chocolates and gifts cards with huge displays are visible all over the retail and online stores with huge sales and discounts and personalized gifts, TV commercials and online advertisements are filled with Valentines day merchandises, jewelry and gifts. The pressure is on!

If you have a partner or not, single or taken. February 14th is a big deal. Like it or hate it, you just cannot ignore valentines day. If you don't buy something red or heart shaped, you are going to hurt someones feelings and you are going to contribute to the fall of economy, seriously. Its a big business for retailers and online retailers alike. We, consumers spend lot of money for valentines day gifts, personalized gifts and gift cards. Thats a whole different story!

Some people are creative and very stylish and cheesy with their surprises and gifts, others are less expressive. Measuring someones love by the way they gift and what they gift is not a right way to celebrate valentines day.

Anyways, Even though i don't like the idea of celebrating love one day a year. Its an interesting idea, its really exciting what your partner is planning to do or gift ;-) More than anything, everyone should appreciate their partners efforts in showing their love in whatever way they thought was cute and something they thought that you would love.

Getting away from our usual life would be the best way to celebrate Valentines day i guess. We get so busy with life, get so tangled with things to do, goals to achieve, deadlines to meet. We tend to forget the importance of spending valuable time with our loved ones. Get away from all of it. Plan an get away, Away is a place where its not about how much money you spend, its about moments you share, memories you make. Go away, arrange for a child care, that very important pending work can be dealt with later. Spend those precious moments with your special someone. Even the simplest of moments will be special if you are yourself with your loved one.

Here are few possible feasible gifts for her -

You could buy her the most expensive gift like Diamond necklace, ring or expensive jewelry but nothing beats the thought behind the entire process. Anything you do, accompany it with a rose and a hand written Greeting card or a love letter. Screw the digital revolution, nothing beats the feeling of reading a hand written love letter. Personalized gifts are popular for a reason. Gifts for her options are endless, make it special for her.  

Gifts for her - 
- Plan an outing, surprise staycation, rent a tree house. Find that secluded romantic place to stay. 
- Treat her with a massage, take her to a spa. Even better give her a special massage yourself ;-)
- Spend your precious time with her. Go hang out in a secret night club like this one Needle and thread. Very romantic!
- Personalized gifts are great too. Create a heart shaped montage of pictures of you together and surprise her. 
Gifts for her options are endless but don't even think of gifting a gift card. Make it special! 

Gifts for men -
- Peck on the cheek ;-)
- Let him plan your Valentines day! Thats his gift :-)

I tend to think choosing gifts for men is no easy task. Thats why i choose an easier option to let him plan everything. 

What are your ideas on Gifts for her and Gifts for men??
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  6. Happy V Day Ananya. I agree: It has become so much material nowadays but that shouldn't stop is from making V-Day Memorable and sprinkle love:)

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  10. Unas ideas geniales :)

  11. Lovely post about Valentines... these are some sweet ideas on how to spend the day xox

  12. Loved where you said screw the technology...Gift for men India v/s Pakistan is on that day let him watch with chilled bear ;)
    Present him with a hand written card and a gift
    Gift ideas: Grooming kit
    Cuff clips or colongue
    Pass to his fav concert with friends or match
    Shirt, belt wallet
    Take him out on a date bear the expenses...

  13. Great post :)
    I spend this day with friends :) And that's good too ! :)

    Kisses :*

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  15. Nice post dear...happy V-day in advance... :-)

  16. Good advice for men. The poor things need help to get their gift right.