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Last Sunday I was co-hosting an Polymer clay jewelry workshop in Bothell. I would like to introduce my readers to Archana Chandrasekaran she is a lady with multiple creative talents. She is an expert in hand-made creative art like jewelry, hair bands, head gears, flowers and so much more.

The main focus of the workshop was to teach each of the participant the art of making clay jewelry. I was so happy to be there as I am someone who  has no skill in making creative things..Blogging n fashion styling is an exception ;)

I have seen people who are very good at what they do but when it comes to teaching they just cant do justice. Well Archana wasn't one of them. She was really good at transferring her craft skills to others in the room. She made things seems simple and easy. She taught one step at a time and patiently answered the same questions again and again. I love the fact that throughout the 3 hour workshop  she had a smile and could see that she enjoyed teaching.

The Ladies had a lot of fun too. Each one chose a different color and pattern for this jewelry and were excited to take home what they made. After all its really a different feeling when you wear something made by you. It was a hot sunny afternoon and Archana was so thoughtful she had juice, cold ice-tea and fruit platter to keep everyone dehydrated. Everyone sat around one big table and was having a gala time chatting, giggling and of course making their jewelry.

We will hosting another similar workshop in next month and if you wish to attend it please follow He'art' Smitten on facebook. Archana will be soon organizing many workshops which will give us an opportunity to learn to make creative and crafty accessories. In the next post I will featuring all the jewelry made by the talented participants !
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  1. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  2. sounds like a fun workshop


  3. You people are such a bunch of creatively talented people. Keep doing the great work, Ananya:)

  4. Seems like a great event! How talented!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  5. wow that looks very interesting :) And I love your skirt and the neckpiece that you are wearing! Stay talented and have fun

  6. Great lessons and beautiful smiles.I love the colorful outfits too.