Mask it, Shall we??

Few weeks ago I attended a masquerade party and I obviously wore a mask. The thought of not being recognized  is exciting. It was fun to meet people without seeing their complete face. I wore my mask all the time during the party. As I sat there at the table looking at a room filled with people wearing masks it suddenly felt like just any other day.

Yes we don't go to a masquerade party everyday but that doesn't stop us from wearing a mask, does it??

There are days when I hate to get out of bed, I wake up with allergies and swollen face. All I can do is keep thinking that everything's normal and its a great day and keep saying to myself I look great. I do use the  make-up which helps cover up and  create an illusion of looking good.

I do wear a mask of happiness even if I feel sad inside.
I do wear the mask of enthusiasm even though I am completely drained out.
I do wear a mask when I meet strangers so they can't really tell who I am from inside.
I do wear a mask of stubbornness when I extremely vulnerable.
I do wear a mask which showcases strength on outside while I am shit scared inside.

And if you think it's only me who does this and not you...think again !

We all wear different masks for different reasons. Some masks we put on because thats who we truly want to be. Some we wear cos we cant bear to face what's underneath. Or sometimes we wear a mask because thats what someone else want us to be. Some masks we wear because we wish to stay hidden.

But the problem with masks is that they can be ripped of at any moment.

In this big world filled with zillion people there could be only a handful of whom have seen you without any mask. I am glad I found my few handful friends and family who accept me and love me even when I am not wearing one ;) Else wearing a mask with everyone would get really tiring and difficult.

 I think we do wear a mask everyday, a mask that none can see but definitely stops us from showing our real self. Is that good or bad?? Who am I to answer that !

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  1. These are lovely.

    I like your dress and earrings!

    xo Azu

  2. Such a colorful mask.
    Love the design as well.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  3. So true . We all wear that mask don't we ? Love it on u . You still look so hot with that mask on .

  4. Lovely look dear! Have a great week! xx

  5. Most of us do wear a mask but I like the idea of wearing an artificial mask like yours :)

  6. I think masks are important. As a doctor I would them useful, focusing on the treatment and not getting distracted by the emotions around it. Similarly it is useful in sports. Great perspective.

  7. wow.....i love the black one !! And I do agree with what you said about wearing a mask in everyday life. I do it and so does everyone.

  8. The masks are nice, liked your thought on Mask---deep thought and very true it is.

  9. You look gorgeous! Love the black one..