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Last month, I was invited to Salon Services to be their Hair model for a day. After the 2014 disastrous hair color experience I have become very careful with what I do to my hair. I always like to write about my honest experience both good and bad so I waited for an entire month to write about this hair color experience.

Well firstly I never color my hair completely I rather prefer adding highlights or streaks as some call it. That way I avoid coloring my entire hair and protect my scalp too. Also I love the way the other colors blend in my natural black hair and together they look super chic. I want best of both the worlds my natural and colored hair together give me that !

My hair stylist was Brittney D'Anelli, the moment I was assigned to her she seemed so happy and excited. She told me she was hoping she would get to work on my hair and that made me feel happy and relaxed. She suggested a shade or red which would suit my skin tone and I agreed because I thought she knows what's best. The whole process was a pleasant experience she made me comfortable by telling me at every step what she was doing to my hair. She also took special care while combing  or washing my hair.

She was quick too, we were all done in less than 2 hours. While she was setting my hair I received tons of compliments on how beautiful the hair color looked and I gave her all the credit.

Well now after a month yes my color has faded that's because my rigid black hair doesn't let any hair color stay for more than 3 weeks. I like it that way. But the important point is this time I didn't suffer from any hair loss like last time. I wish I Brittney was from Seattle  but unfortunately for me she flew back to Idaho. You could see more of her work here !

Thank you Salon Services for this wonderful opportunity and as you can see from my low resolution camera pictures that my hair looks smother and color looks so natural.

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  1. Wow! Your hair looks absolutely incredible. Love those highlights on you.

    xo Azu

  2. oh your hair looks so stunning!! And you always look so fabulous.

  3. I love your hairs style with this look. You look amazing sweetie.

  4. A hair model! How fun- and your hair looks gorgeous!

    Le Stylo Rouge