How to wear a Crop Top for different bodytypes

I initially  thought crop top were made for either skinny women or models or for those women who worked out and had a perfect figure. Clearly, I don't fall in either category. Yet,  I wore my first Crop Top on 31st Dec 2014 and ever since I have been in love with them. Like me, if you are curvy and weigh around 145Lbs or more you could still wear a crop top and look stylish and not sluggish.

  How you ask?
Here's the answer...

Firstly, buy the right crop top which suits your body and personality.
Secondly, carefully pair with another comfortable  piece of clothing.

Here are few croptop options for different body types:

For Petite and skinny girls: Smaller crop tops which are fitted, body hugging, Sleeveless or alter necks.

For Hourglass: Medium fitted crop tops, thin straps or sleeveless/funky pointed sleeves  and any neckline.

For Curvy women: Slightly loose fitted crop tops with a material that sticks to the body in the right amount. Preferably with small sleeves and round or V neck line.

The length of crop top totally depends on your comfort zone, if you really dont mind showing your mid rif then you can opt for shorter and smaller crop tops else you could buy slightly longer crop tops.

The next step is to pair it with a right apparel.

This totally depends on what you generally are comfortable wearing. For me, I always prefer a shirt instead of shorts or pants. If you a denim person, you mostly have thinner toned legs so wear a croptop with your favorite fitted denim pants.

If you are bottom heavy like me, skirts are the best option. A skater skirt with a stiff material will take away all attention from your thighs and hips and give an illusion of a smaller waistline.

Here I have styled it with a pencil skirt which is knee length which I think works perfect with the shimmery crop top. I have heavy arms so always prefer a crop top with small sleeves or full length sleeves.

What to wear the crop top with??

For Petite girls: Shorts, skirts, long skirts, fitted denims, flared pants options are endless.

For Hourglass: Fitted Pencil skirts, long formal pants, slightly flared pants and medium fitted denims.

For Curvy Women: Shorter Skater skirts, Long flared skirts, Pencil Shirts and Culottes.

I hope this post helps you rediscover your crop tops and here's a video of how I styled the same crop top in different ways.

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  1. You look amazing. Thank for sharing this guide.

  2. Lovely post. very informative.


  3. Thank you for inspiring a lot of people with your post. Not all people are gifted with a beautiful body and with the right proportions. I'm just glad that the society is now accepting the fact that their are different body types just like the ones I read from custom written essay on PapersBoard.

  4. excellent selection of tops for different girls! I think you have a sense of taste!