How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring this Wedding Season?

Finding the perfect engagement ring to seal your relationship for life is no child’s play.  To begin with, you need to find a ring that your fiancé will love. It should be of the perfect shape and size, and to top it all the price of the ring should fit your pocket. With so many considerations and expectations to meet, you may feel bogged down by the pressure. Worry not! This write-up will help you narrow down on your purchase, and assist you to buy a perfect engagement ring that will surely bring a beautiful smile on your lady love’s lips.

Tip 1 - Start your search online

If you have not walked into a jewellery store yet to buy a ring for an upcoming engagement ceremony, a good way to start your search is by checking the designs online. Pinterest, for instance, is the perfect ground to look for designs that range from ornate to minimal, vintage to contemporary.  Involve your fiancé in this exercise and try gauging her preference and the designs that have caught her attention.  
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Tip 2- Select the Ring Style

The next and the most important step is to select the right style. Women’s taste in jewellery and fashion is an extension of their personality. Similar to a woman’s personality there are different styles and shapes -
  • Solitaire Rings -are all classic engagement rings that exude elegance and charm.  
  • Band Style Rings - big winners representing simplicity and beauty. These are a modern take on engagement rings.
  • Colourless Rings – studded with clear diamonds. They mark sophistication and luxury.  
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  • Multistone Rings – elegant and beautiful rings studded with three or more stones. They represent free spiritedness and charm.   
  • Halo Designs – is a manifestation of classy and vintage appeal.  
Rings of different styles are available at, one of India’s best online jewellery stores.

Tip 3 – Look for the perfect Cut

The beauty of a diamond ring is determined by the quality and the kind of rocks that are used to make it.  Diamond is a natural form of pure carbon and every piece is unique. The quality of a diamond is determined by 4 C’s – Carat Weight, Colour, Clarity, and Cut.  These four factors affect the price of a diamond ring. The cut of a diamond is the most defining factor for the look and appearance of a ring.  A diamond can be cut into various shapes – Princess, Oval, Heart, Round, Emerald, Triangle and so on.

Types of Diamond Cuts
We admit, selecting a cut can be confusing. However, it’s important to remember that the cut of a diamond appreciates or depreciates its quality. The princess cut is very traditional that keeps the refracted index of the diamond intact. On the other hand, a heart shaped diamond is not a traditional cut and can bring down the quality of the stone.

Tip 4 - Decide on the Metal Type

A little brush with the world of “Engagement Rings” will reveal that traditional gold rings are not the only option you have on the table. There are different metal types that one can choose from –
Engagement Ring Metal Choices | Mark Broumand
Platinum – Platinum rings are immensely popular these days, and some contemporary and modern ring designs can be found in this metal. A little heavier than gold, platinum is a perfect metal for solitaires and diamonds.
Rose Gold – Unconventional yet beautiful, rose gold rings can look timeless and elegant. If your lady love is bold and beautiful, a rose gold engagement ring is for her.
Yellow Gold – Traditional and supreme you cannot go wrong with yellow gold engagement rings which also come in many contemporary designs and shapes.
White Gold – White Gold is a perfect choice for band styled engagement ring complementing modern and simple taste.

Tip 5 – Get the ring in correct size.

Getting the engagement ring in correct size is an important part of the deal.   If you want to keep the design of the engagement ring a secret, snoop around or take help from a friend or family member to help you find the ring size of your fiancé.

Finally, relax and have fun.  Getting engaged is a huge commitment, and you want to start it on the right note by finding the best engagement ring. However, don’t be stressed by the whole routine. Just relax and have fun! The fact that you have found a perfect partner for life is a pretty experience.

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  1. Very nice product. Thanks for posting.....

  2. This is a really nice guide to selecting an engagement ring. Thanks for sharing! I think when researching a ring, it’s really important to focus on two key elements, the cut of the gemstone and the metal on the band.
    Buying an engagement ring without researching what your finance might like is a big risk and while diamonds are the most popular stone for an engagement ring, don’t just assume that’s what she wants as she may love sapphires, rubies, emeralds or a mix. If in doubt about the cut, something classic like the princess cut or round cut may be the best option over something more statement such as the heart or pear shape.