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Like I mentioned in the last post, If there is one photographer who can make me fall in love with my pictures its Kiran Raibagi. She knows her job well and has the ability to capture moments and turn them into magic memories.  It was her birthday last month and given that she is a girl who loves to celebrate this day to the fullest, I wanted to gift her something special.

Let me tell you a little bit about her, Kiran is someone who finds immense happiness in small things of life. A handwritten note, few roses and a surprise visit is what she would say is the best gift ever !

She is a passionate person and does everything with a smile. Photography is not just her profession, it's her passion. She is so dedicated to it that it's always on her mind, no matter what she is doing. She tells me even when she is sleeping she is thinking about photography and that doesn't surprise me.  Her whole life revolves around creating magical captures for others. So obviously she loves her camera and her expensive lenses.

Luckily I came across  something that looks like a lens but could be used as a coffee mug. had these and they call it - Camera Lens mug. For a moment I was doubtful as  it was an inexpensive gift will she really like it. So I bought a shimmery party dress just in case the camera mug idea doesn't work.

But when she opened both the gifts she was so thrilled with camera lens mug, poor glittery dress didn't even get a second glance. She loved the idea of carrying tea in it during her long outdoor shoots. She thanked me for the gift for the next two weeks.

 It did make me realize that when we are buying gifts we always think of the price. It never was the case few years ago but now we are doubtful while buying gifts which are inexpensive. We could be scared of being judged too. But  its not really the price tag or the Brand that matters, what matters the most is the thought behind it. So this holiday season don't be shy to gift anyone you know something that you feel is right. It could be a small gesture from your side but the amount of joy it brings is priceless.

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  1. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

  2. The photographer has an aesthetic taste for objects and human expression. Love the mug. It's a Wow! I believe gifts expresses emotions that cannot be spelled by words.

  3. Nice post and a better information from you..thanks for sharing with us...

  4. Awesome! That camera lens mug really matches your passion and personality. I am also into photography and I really love to capture small little things. A hobby that students via best custom essays written for you by also loves exploring and doing on their free time.