Romantic Gift Ideas

Whenever we want to gift something, the first thing we think is what do I gift him/her and next important question is Where do I buy it from. We very rarely think What do I make ? Yes spending money according to our budget and buying gifts is what traditionally we all follow. Sometimes its not the gift itself but the thought behind it what matters the most. Nothing beats the happiness and joy a person feels when they receive a hand made  gift.

I know most of us would give an excuse saying  we are not crafty or creative, I might want to but not sure if I can really make it happen etc. I would definitely insist if you haven't tried this route before, you should totally try making/creating a gift instead of buying it. Here are few simple ideas to make your partner happy and fall in love with you all over again.

1. Cook your partners favorite dish and add a romantic note.

2. Bake a heart shaped cake or any other dessert.

3. Write a expressive love letter.

4. Send flowers and chocolate at workplace.

5. Leave sticky notes around the house with Love messages.

6. Go for a long walk and express your love.

7. Arrange for a hot bath with wine and candles.

8. Decorate your bedroom with flowers and candles.

9. Make a video with your old pictures or paste them on your wall.

10. Sing a song or play an musical instrument, even if you are not an artist.

11. Do whatever you think will make the other person happy and put efforts in what you do and remember in the end thats what counts the most.

I have tried most of the above ideas and it works wonders. But today for this post I am sharing pictures of gifts exchanged by the most romantic couple I know of - Sai and Phani. They are a couple who know how exactly how to make their partner feel special and loved. I can't thank them enough for letting me share these pictures.

Lastly, Happy Valentines Day to all my readers. I hope you always Love and are loved. Thanks for showering my blog with so much love and warm wishes, appreciate it !

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  1. You are definitely good at surprises. Great ideas babe, so thoughtful.
    I am going to pick a few tips from you.