Smile, while you can !

Past few weeks have been really difficult. It was as if everything around me was falling apart. I cannot begin to describe how bad it was. If there was just one of few reasons I would write about it but it was everything around me was collapsing.

If I can pick just one thing to talk about in this post that would be about my cold sore boils. Now you would wonder why would I write about something as trivial and tiny as sore boils. Yes I agree I wouldn't if there were not as severe as mine were. It all started with a small boil on the right end of my lower lips and within hours they were more boils.

After two days all the tiny boils joined together to give me a tough fight and that resulted in long sleepless nights. I was in a pitiful plight but I wasn't gonna give it up, right !

There was a one big painful boil on the lips, my right check swollen on outside and it spread till my eyes. The swelling was painful as it made my check very stiff and uncomfortable. On the inside there were several ulcers. The medicines weren't helping at all. The doctor said the cold sores will run its course and some people need more time to heal than others, this has always been true for me.

The worst thing was I was not able to talk or open my mouth. I missed eating solid food, yes I am a foodie and not being able to eat makes me really really sad. My lips were burning all the time and with the swelling and the pain it felt as if they would start bleeding anytime. Did I mention I had rashes all over my face, reason goes undetected as always and my poor weak immune system gets blamed for that again.

I didn't go out for first two days tried to take rest and heal but later had to go out and work long hours in office. I couldn't talk for sure and neither could I smile. Yes I couldn't smile and I realized that was so hard for me. When I saw someone I instantly smiled like everyone else but for last two weeks I couldn't as my lips were swollen and weren't flexible at all.

I realized how much we take everything for granted, We complain about so many things but never really feel the gratitude for what we have. These days life has  become so busy as we are always on a run. We are running to catch the next train or the flight which takes us forward from where we are. We run and run everyday to earn more so we can spend more but never try to live more.

Its just so important sometimes to stop and just live the moment. To enjoy what we have achieved and appreciate what we have. To be able to give the gift of time and attention to our loved ones and not spend it endlessly looking at our phones.

Someone said to me last year No one wants to know where you are today, everyone wants to know where you are headed to. I totally did relate to that statement then but now I think its important to just slow down or possibly stop and live the moment you are in, the present and most importantly Smile.... Smile while you can ! 
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  1. Oh dear. Get well soon, Ananya. Lots of prayers and wishes your way! Please don't worry. You will be alright soon.

  2. Sounds like you had am extreme flareup! cold sores are no fun. Mine have gotten less severe and less frequent over the years. Hope that is true for you too.

  3. On dear... I hope you are lot better now. Yes we should smile whenever we can... Who has seen what lies ahead. BTW you looked absolutely fabulous with Pooja Batra

  4. Oh no! Sorry to hear. Hope you get better very soon. Living in the moment is hence even more important for we don't know what lies ahead.