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I had never tried Sugaring before but had heard about it. I was thrilled to try it out for the first time. I have really thick hair and waxing is painful and its the highest degree of pain I can bear. Yes I got a tattoo done which pained less than waxing but thats different. I guess thick hair and sensitive skin make it really hard for waxing to be a pleasant experience. I also know so many other women who keep trying to find a less painful method of hair removal. So when Mala from Blossom Beauty told me that sugaring was a pain-free experience, I was skeptical it would be the same for me.

I met Laura the sugaring esthetician at Blossom Beauty and she said they used sugar, lemon and water to prepare the jel-like semi solid sugar. All organic and completely natural. She explained how it works best for sensitive skin. You can see the video below to know more about it.

I sat on the chair and Laura sanitized her hands, put on the gloves and cleaned my arms. Then she took the sticky semi solid sugar in her hand. She applied a layer of it on my hand and i was waiting for her to get a strip or paper or something like they do in waxing. But to my surprise she didn't use any strips, she just pulled the sugar by itself and poof like magic it did pull out the hair from my skin with no pain, it didnt hurt one bit. Let me add it was two months since I had last waxed so i had full growth. Every time she pulled the sugar off my skin I sub consciously thought its going to hurt and that anticipation made me react or close my eyes. But it doesnt hurt a bit, just a tingling sensation but nothing compared to the pain of waxing. Most of us prefer waxing as it removes a layer of tan as well and so does sugaring. I was more than shocked when i tried sugaring for my underarms and it worked like magic.No pain at all.

From now on I would always prefer getting sugaring done instead of waxing. The only factor to consider is that Sugaring  takes slightly longer than waxing so make sure you have the time. I can definitely wait for a few extra minutes for a pain free hair removal process, yes of course I can wait.

So the good news is that for all AnanyaTales readers, Blossom Beauty is providing an 10% OFF their sugaring service. So if you are in Seattle then please do avail this offer ! Just mention Ananya Kirann referred you.

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