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As a young girl growing up in a small town in India,  I saw a clear distinction as to how women dressed.  Women with older children dressed in sarees, the ones with younger kids in salwars and the not married ones in kurta's or jeans. Like it needed to be evident what your marital status or age was by the way you dressed. As a small girl I never understood, but today I think is that even necessary? Or even fair? Why is it imposed on women to dress a certain way and no such thing for men?

We women have a natural inclination towards dressing up and looking good. It is a form of expression and gives a sense individualism. These restrictions imposed feel unnecessary and uncalled for.

I remember a colleague telling me that a married women need to wear 'ghoonghat' in front of the older men of the house. He mentioned as if it was such a small thing to expect from women. If that is so, then why is there no imposition for the men to cover their heads in respect of older women?

I know of women imposing unreasonable things on their daughter-in-laws just because they had to go through these restrictions themselves. Although they know it does not make any sense. We women become our own enemies. I don't have anything against the customs but let us be a little reasonable and sensible. Somewhere this needs to stop!

Fortunately I see a huge change in the present times,  at least in big cities like Bengaluru. I see my neighbor who is a grandma to teenagers, dressed in tights and t-shirt for her morning jog. Many mothers with kids wearing jeans, t-shirt, trendy dresses and skirts, wish to wear mangalsutra or bindi only if they feel like. It feels good to see a mother and a teenage daughter exchange clothes.

This may feel silly and unimportant to men who think what's the big deal and if it is even a topic of discussion. But for women who have gone through these things, know it is a big leap forward. When we support and respect each other's choices as a society,  we send a positive message to families who are still very orthodox and unreasonable. Let's be more accepting and supportive and take steps forward in creating a better tomorrow, because you can be happy only when you do things that truly appeal to you!

Stay happy, stay blessed!

By Namrata Pandit

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