It’s all in your mind

In this era of cut throat competition, belief plays a pivotal role in achieving our dreams. Every single expression of thought dictates the path towards our goal. It so happens that we often fail to identify the true potential in us and eventually accept what someone thinks about us, thus limiting our ability based on mere assumption of others.
Ever seen a lion in circus? Can you imagine the king of the jungle being made to sit on a dais and act like an object of entertainment. How can an instinctive killing machine humbly listen to a ringmaster who holds nothing but a whip in his hand?
Now let us understand what made lion such an obedient disciple of ringmaster. During the nascent phase of lion’s life, it is handed umpteen lashes by the ringmaster for every instinctive move it makes. Lashes tend infuse a sense of fear in lion’s mind and compels the lion to act the way ringmaster wants it to. In doing so the killing machine is altering its true nature by believing in ringmaster’s order. Consequently, the lion stops believing in itself and starts believing in the ringmaster. Fear of lash has such a profuse impact on the lion that even after reaching its full grown size, possessing all the power to bring down the mightiest of opponents, the lion is not able to break the shackles of infused inability and starts underestimating its own potential.
The lion in the above story is none but we ourselves and the ringmaster is that someone who judge us ever since we enter this world. The judgments, seldom positive, act as deterrence to self-development. At various junctures in life, we happen to alter our mind and convince ourselves that we cannot do this or do that based on these judgments without realizing the fact that our true potential is much more than what others think about us. A candidate planning to appear for competitive exam or a girl planning to work independently should focus more on self-belief than believing in such trivial judgments. One should not be perturbed by such judgments by letting it have an impact on current as well as future opportunities. Rather one should believe in self by training the mind to think positively.

Lion acting in the circus looks unnatural, however the same lion roaring in the jungle looks majestic. So choose what you want to be, it’s all in your mind.

Guest Post by Abhichal.
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