His White Shirt

I was multitasking with my headphones on,  was talking to my friend and doing some household chores at the same time. After few minutes my friend asked what are you doing, I said ironing my husband's white shirt. There was a moment of silence and she asked again, What did you say. I thought due to some network issues she couldn't hear me so I repeated again. She burst into laughter.

It took me few seconds to understand why she laughed and after that I giggled too. Now this friend knows me for the last 15 years so she knows all my habits since I was 16. Okay you don't have to do the maths I am 31 years old ;)

 She knows that I was a lazy teenager, someone who never ever helped in household work. Forget ironing someone else's clothes, I have never even folded my own. Its still a hard task for me.

While some people can be judgmental about a wife doing laundry and ironing her husbands clothes. Some of my friends will be shocked as they can't really except that from me. Well the point is not about me the ironing the shirt but its the fact that I have learnt to take pride in household chores. Which if you know me is a huge personality change and this would really surprise the old me :)

Not that I ever underestimated housekeeping work but just that it never came to me naturally. But in the last 4 years I can say I have learnt a lot. While I iron his white shirt carefully I think about how hard he works without complaining. I carefully iron the cuffs thinking how selflessly he does everything for us without any expectation. I try my best to get the collar right as I smile and take a lot of pride in being his wife.

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