Vacation Hangover

After visiting the Sunshine state Florida, I am finding it really difficult to get adjusted back to Seattle's gloomy weather. I am more of a outdoor person I enjoy simple things like going out for walks or sipping tea on patio.You just cannot do all that when its cold outside. I even miss the sunlight. I enjoy being out in the sun and at the same time I have very less tolerance towards humidity. Today  I look outside and all I see is the dark grey sky, its drizzling and the trees are standing still. Most of them have no leaves, they look pale and dry. hmmmmm, I guess you see only what you want to see. There is no snow but right now I am too ignorant to appreciate that.

I guess its a Vacation Hangover that is making me feel so sad. We spent the last two weeks visiting new places, doing exciting activities, crazy rides at theme parks, enjoying the night life and what not. And now I am back to the routine, which is making me feel not so normal. The vacation was not even a long one, last year we went on a road trip and returned after 27 days, I guess I was happy to come home back then.

People say its a nice feeling to be back home after a vacation, Really ?? I don't think so, not right now.

I am curious to know how do you feel after a long vacation?
Are you happy to be back home or you do sulk for a few days, like me??

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  1. aww I know how you feel. For me, the sadness actually doesn't hit at all. But that is also because we are always on the move not staying in a place for more than three weeks. Country hopping (even though it is for work) never let's me feel a Vacation hangover. Homesickness, is a different issue though.

  2. great post dear!!!

  3. Oh, I definitely sulk. Not just a few days, but for weeks! And then the countdown until the next vacation begins!


  4. Hello Ananya,
    I often read your posts but haven't commented before. However, I must say, this is a great post! It deserves a thumbs up!!!

  5. nice
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  6. it always hard to get used to be back home again. After a vacation

  7. Exact same feelings! I went on a vacation for about 20 days.. Visited florida too! N now i'm still getting my mind ready to handle the present stuff :/ its so hard!

  8. Hi dear,
    Your blog is so pretty. Now, I'm your new follower.
    Btw, such a great post.

  9. I feel the same! Back from a 1000 mile road trip to the east coast,just cant get back to routine :(

  10. I know that feeling.
    Start planning for another vacation you will feel better.

  11. It's common to feel anti-climatic after a nice vacation. But at times I do feel good to be bac home :)

  12. I am badly suffering from the same :)

    Indrani has a good idea but for some time, I am having challenges to plan my trips in advance :)

  13. Most of the time I am happy to be back home. But I didn't want to come back from a tour we had on the seaside as I love sea and beach and sunny weather.
    So I can understand how u r feeling right now. Even I hate gloomy weather. What you can do is, have a mug of hot chocolate and watch romcoms :)

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  16. I love travels BUT I'm always happy to come back (with a lot of souvenirs and new ideas !). Happy to see my family, my friends... and my cats ;)

  17. Me too. Feeling terrible to come back to below zero temps, depressing scenery. We just have to shake off the feeling and jump into the safety of the routine or try something out of the ordinary! Good luck :)

  18. I agree with you. I always wish vacation never ends.

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